The Simple and Working Tips on How to Make the True Success on Amazon

On September the 4th 2018 Amazon became the second (after Apple) company in history with the capitalization of over $1 trillion. Today it is the largest Internet selling platform with over 5 million sellers working in all of its marketplaces. But this is just the reference data, the main thing is that millions of people strive to become successful sellers in this marketplace, by selling as many items as possible and earn more money. 

It became the reality for some of them, but for most of the existing sellers on Amazon, it remains a dream. So, what is the secret of success on Amazon, and how to become successful? 

The secret is quite simple: it is in using the common SEO strategy and adhering to Amazon’s A9 Search Algorithm. Those things are not that difficult to learn and implement as it may seem. By reading this article, you will get some expertise to make your first successes on Amazon!

The Amazon Best Sellers Rank: What Is It and Why Do You Need It?


As previously mentioned, Amazon is a search engine. It is the largest search engine for e-commerce. Like Google, Amazon has a similar mission of helping people (shoppers) in their search. That is why it utilizes almost similar strategies for achieving success within the niche. To help its shoppers discover the best items from different categories Amazon uses metrics such as the Amazon Best Sellers Rank. 

This rank positions at the very top the most popular item in a specific category or subcategory. To help a shopper discover the best good in his category, the Amazon Best Sellers Rank shows the currently chosen item in several different subcategories, where it has the highest rating. It is shown in the “Product details” section of a product page and is updated hourly.

Worth noting that the Amazon Best Sellers Rank works only for goods assigned on categories, hence the items without a category are ignored by this metric.

And finally, it’s worth to say about the main reasons why you should pay special attention to this Amazon’s instrument and to the Amazon SEO tips, strategy in principle:

  •  Since Amazon works as a search engine, the more you optimize your SEO strategy, the more products you will sell on the platform.
  • Amazon is full of similar products, and if you wish to draw more attention to your items, you need to make them more noticeable, thus achieving higher ratings.
  • Most of the Amazon sellers have already learned Amazon SEO tips principles, and if you really want to keep your business competitive, you ought to start using the strategy of Amazon SEO along with other Amazon success tips as soon as possible.

The ABC’s of Amazon’s A9 Algorithm

Just to determine the categories of your products is too little to form their ratings within such a powerful platform as Amazon. To form ratings this system has its own A9 ranking algorithm, which is not necessary to study in every detail, but would be useful to know the main aspects on which it is grounded:

  • Relevance of keywords. Your product’s description and title are checked by Amazon for the presence of relevant keywords in them.
  • Conversion Rate. At this step, Amazon compares the amount of traffic that your product listing gets to the number of real purchases. Even if quite many prospective customers show interest in your items and often visit your pages, hardly making any purchases, this will result in a low product rating.
  • Satisfaction of customers. You should strive to make your customers really happy with your product purchases, as customers’ feedback and return rate also count.
  • Product Pricing: In order for Amazon to take notice of your product pricing, a dynamic pricing strategy is suggested. With the help of an Amazon repricer, you can efficiently improve your product pricing and Buy Box winning rate.

And now, let us look closer at the specific Amazon success tips that will help to better tune your Amazon strategy with Amazon’s A9 Algorithm and thus give you the opportunity to get the maximum possible rating and revenue.

#1. Name your product with the right product title

To cut it short, this means adding as many relevant keywords to your product title, as possible. Depending on the specifics of your product, its title can have such elements, as:

  • Product name (e.g., cat water fountain);
  • The product’s brand name (e.g., Pedy);
  • The material the product is made of (e.g., stainless steel);
  • The product’s special features (e.g., Silent, LED Light Switch);
  • Product’s purpose;
  • Product’s size;
  • Color;
  •  Product’s packaging.

#2. Brake your product’s description into clear points

Now you should add your product’s description, highlighting its benefits. For this purpose, it is strongly recommended to use bullet points, as it facilitates the perception of information and allows you to concentrate your potential customer’s attention on the most beneficial points. Include in your bullet points subheadings and short descriptions of up to 200 characters. 

List your product’s benefits in the order from the most important to the least important ones, and also remember to not overuse keywords in your bullet points, by replacing some words in them with their synonyms (e.g., instead of the already used “silent drinking fountain” you may use “ultra-quiet drinking fountain”).

#3. Create a compelling description of your product

Though a product description weighs almost nothing in terms of SEO, if it is a detailed one, it can help turn your potential customers, who often scroll through your product page, into actual ones, who made their purchases. In other words, a compelling item description helps shoppers to learn more about your product and eventually decide on buying it!

  • Find out whether your prospective customers have already used products like yours and try to discover the right words for convincing them to buy your item.
  • Should you have good writing skills, write the description on your own, and try to concentrate more on your product’s benefits, pay attention to the text structure, use subheadings, and focus on the most crucial information about your product.

In our time, there are lots of online instruments to make your writing look and sound better: After the Deadline, SlickWrite, 1Checker, etc. Still, the reputation of your text must also be grounded in the credibility of the links and references you use. Such an online instrument as Linksmanagement will take thorough care of a top-notch dofollow backlinks list for your copy! 

#4. Bring your product’s complete technical details list

In case you sell electronics, you must always give full technical details on your product. This will let you boost your Amazon SEO, and secondly, this will give your potential purchasers the opportunity to compare your products to the similar devices available on Amazon.

#5. Add more visual content

In fact, visual representation means that Internet shoppers can “feel” or “touch” your products, i.e. through their screens. That is why it is especially important to have visual content on your product page, as it extremely helps to convince your prospective customers to purchase the goods. Just add on your product page the next types of visuals – and you will see the result in a short time: 

  • Lifestyle photos. They show how other people use your product in their real-life situations. Such an approach will increase customers’ trust, hence – loyalty.
  • Infographics. Use colorful informative pictures focusing on the key advantages of your product.
  • Add videos. Videos on your product will show how it looks and its benefits in real life, which will obviously enhance the urge of your potential purchasers to buy your product. Remember that quality visual content is more than half the success. Do not skimp on the photographer and retouching of photos. If you are not able to retouch photos yourself, use the services of freelancers on UpWork or order retouching from a professional service.


The simple, easy, and fast to implement SEO tips will surely help you to get your first purchases or significantly increase the existing ones. They are 100% working and toll-free advice on how to start becoming a successful Amazon seller. Just take your time and start working on suggested Amazon SEO tips to better your Amazon strategy – the positive results will soon follow. 


About the Author:

Marie Barnes is a writer for gearyoda. She is an enthusiastic blogger interested in writing about technology, social media, work, travel, lifestyle, and current affairs.


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