Amazon Global: Important Things to Know About International Selling

The Amazon selling platform allows sellers to list and sell their products worldwide on Amazon international marketplaces, making Amazon the global selling platform of choice.                   

The majority of Amazon sellers aim to go international because of the various advantages it offers. In general, business owners and entrepreneurs are able to grow and expand their operations with the help of the Amazon global selling program.                                      

However, not all Amazon sellers are keen on participating or focusing their resources on Amazon’s international marketplaces or becoming an Amazon international seller. Although taking their brand and products overseas can be appealing, especially with the possible revenue increase, some sellers are still hesitant. 

Here are some of the important discussions to help you evaluate the Amazon international selling opportunity that the leading eCommerce site offers.    

A Better Understanding of the Amazon Global Selling Program

Amazon started its Amazon international selling program for online sellers back in 2015. Since the inception global selling Amazon, the program has attracted more than 30,000 sellers worldwide. 

With Amazon Global, the eCommerce giant aims to streamline international online selling activities by providing Amazon sellers with a convenient and easy to use platform. What makes Amazon’s international program attractive for online sellers is the comprehensive solution it brings.      

Selling to other countries normally entails a lot of tasks, including but not limited to paperwork, customs duties, payment obligations, and logistic undertakings. However, with Amazon Global opening its doors to Amazon FBA sellers, all aspects of global selling Amazon responsibilities are taken care of by the tech-giant. 

Considering the monetary benefits and the practical value that Amazon Global Selling brings, Amazon sellers thinking of expanding their business operations overseas should highly consider this program.     

The Opportunity that Amazon International Offers

As previously emphasized, Amazon Global makes it easier for a would be Amazon international seller to expand their business operations abroad. Taking part in this program would also mean tapping into the huge number of Amazon international customers. 

As of current, it is estimated that there are more than 300 million active Amazon customer accounts worldwide. On top of that, there are also 150 million members of Amazon Prime globally.

The multitude of Amazon customers is scattered all over the world. That is why Amazon has developed state-of-the-art international logistics to deal with customers shopping around the world.  

With just a single Amazon seller central account, online sellers can participate in consumer activities in various Amazon stores worldwide. To give you an idea of the substantial business opportunity, here is a list of Amazon regions and its active Amazon stores. 

Amazon International – Americas

Amazon International – Europe

Amazon International – Asia-Pacific

Amazon International – Middle East

Requirements for Respective Amazon Global Regions

Since Amazon operates in international territories, Amazon must abide by the rules and regulations of a certain region when it comes to eCommerce activities. To help you avoid delays in achieving your goal of dominating the Amazon global market, we have outlined some of the requirements needed by each region. 

1. North America Marketplace 

Countries: US, Canada, and Mexico

Documents To Prepare

To be able to participate in this region, the initial requirements sellers should prepare are tax information, bank account, valid credit card, and phone number. In some instances, a credit card statement, bank account statement, national ID, or passport may also be required as additional documentation. 

Register Your Seller Central Account Here: Amazon US, Amazon Canada, and Amazon Mexico

2. Europe Marketplace

Countries: Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands

Documents To Prepare: 

Similar to the North American marketplace, the European marketplace also requires Amazon sellers to submit their phone number, tax information, bank account, and valid credit card. The same goes for additional documentation if prompted.  

Worth noting that you will only need to register once on any of the Amazon European marketplaces to be able to sell on other European marketplaces. 

Register Your Seller Central Account Here:  Amazon Germany, Amazon UK, Amazon France, Amazon Italy, Amazon Spain, Amazon Netherlands

3. Pacific-Asia Marketplace 

Country: Japan 

Documents To Prepare: 

The initial requirements for the Japanese marketplace are similar to the aforementioned two regions. However, for the verification process, sellers will need to submit either a passport, driver’s license, or a basic resident registration card with a photo as part of the photo identification process.

Similarly, a bill or statement issued within 180 days is also required. This could be a credit card statement, internet banking statement of account, savings account passbook or balance certification.

Country: Australia

Documents To Prepare: 

For the AU marketplace, sellers will be required to submit initial requirements mentioned in the North America marketplace. For additional documentation, scanned copies of national ID, passport, bank or credit account statements may also be needed. 

Country: Singapore

Documents To Prepare: 

Sellers wanting to participate in the Amazon Singapore will have to prepare similar requirements mentioned in the AU discussion. 

Register Your Seller Central Account Here: Amazon Japan, Amazon Singapore, Amazon Australia

4. Middle East Marketplace

Countries: United Arab Emirates & Turkey

Similar to most countries or regions, setting up your account on Amazon United Emirates will require you to submit a valid credit card, phone number, and tax information. In addition to that, sellers will also have to provide documentation such as scanned copies of a passport, national ID, bank or credit account statement, passport, or national ID.

Register Your Seller Central Account Here: United Arab Emirates, Turkey 

If you wish to know more detail about the registration requirements by the marketplace, you may CLICK HERE

Simple Steps Towards Amazon Global Success      

The Amazon international marketplace is supported by various tools and services to help Amazon sellers participate in the global retail industry. To serve as an overview, here are some simple steps to begin your Amazon Global selling journey.

  • Determine Products to Sell and Where You Want to Sell Them

Amazon offers a wide market opportunity for online sellers. To increase success, you should decide where you want to focus your resources and what items you want to introduce into a particular market. 

Strategize your approach and research what products are trending and what items are saleable in a particular Amazon international marketplace. 

  • Prepare Your Listing 

Once you have decided which marketplace or region to sell on, you should then list your item on Amazon. If you are selling a brand item, you should register the brand first to avoid branding issues later on. 

When listing, make sure to keep your listing brief and concise. If necessary, try to translate the listing to the language of the region. 

  • Get Your Products Ready for Customers Worldwide

Since you will be delivering products to customers overseas, you should secure a reliable shipping and fulfillment method. In most cases, Amazon FBA is the ideal fulfillment for international orders.

  • Prepare For Returns

Returns are a normal occurrence in any eCommerce business. For that matter, you should provide shoppers with reliable customer support along with local country returns service. 

Since the Amazon international marketplace is filled with competitors, you should always remember to add extra value to your services to make your Amazon store stand out. 

Optimize Listings for Global Marketplace Competence 

Indeed Amazon is a unique and versatile platform for online users to capitalize on. Similar to local FBA campaigns, you may also optimize your global listings through reliable Amazon seller tools, such as Amazon repricers

With the help of an Amazon repricer, you will be able to automate your repricing strategy and compete with other sellers in the Amazon Global marketplace.   

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