Triple Your Sales and Clear out Old Inventory

Alysha and her husband run a successful retail arbitrage business on Amazon. Retail arbitrage means buying items in traditional brick and mortar retail stores, such as Walmart and then selling them on platforms like Amazon for an increased profit. Her advice to any new sellers bringing retail arbitrage to the market is:

“Not to buy a million of one product, slow your products, buy a few and start small. There is so much data with retail arbitrage, so you need to analyze and make informed decisions.” 

Alysha started with Seller Snap in June 2018 after coming from a rule-based pricer, which was apparently losing the business money, as well as narrowing their profit margin. Therefore, she researched automated repricers, as well as looking into the repricer that bigger Amazon sellers were using, after which, she came across Seller Snap.

During her 15-day free trial, Alysha saw a big increase in her sales and profit and also claimed that Seller Snap protected her profit margins.

For Alysha, it was important that her repricer saved her ample time to focus on other areas of her business. In Alysha’s words, she likes to “set it and forget it”without the need to check-in all the time. Alysha trusts that the Seller Snap platform will deliver on its promises. She logs into Seller Snap once a week to ensure everything is working as it should be.

Alysha did end her subscription with Seller Snap at one point due to inventory difficulties. After moving repricers, she saw a drastic drop in sales. Once Alysha stabilized her inventory, she reactivated her subscription with Seller Snap. Alysha reported that the day after she started using Seller Snap again, her sales tripled and she cleared out old inventory.

“Seller Snap delivers and it is worth the extra money.”

We spoke to Alysha about her experience with Seller Snap and in her opinion, “there is no company out there that checks in with you like Seller Snap does”. They are super hands-on and provide you with a very personalized experience, they are always there to help with any issues or questions. Seller Snap look into your account in granular detail and notice things that sellers may have missed.

As well as Seller Snap’s AI repricer, Alysha particularly likes how the platform allows sellers to customize repricing and set conditions per individual listings. For example, when Alysha needs the repricer to be more aggressive, she utilizes the “Win BuyBox” condition – “this truly is smart repricing.” 

Overall, for Alysha, Seller Snap has increased her business’s net profits, and profit margins and increased sales. Alysha states that to run a successful and sustainable store, it’s not about fast sales, it’s about making a profit and increasing your margins, and “Seller Snap is key to running our business”.

Alysha’s advice for sellers who are interested in using Seller Snap is, “to take time to learn the system. It is detailed, which is a good thing and the tutorials are incredible, as well as the customer service. There is always someone there to walk you through.”

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