Leveling the Amazon Repricer Playing Field to Help Small Sellers Grow

Running a successful business on Amazon is not an easy feat. It requires a variety of software tools, from inventory management, repricing, shipping, product scouting and much more.

Amazon seller tools cost anywhere from $25 per month to $3,000 per month. Since smaller Amazon sellers do not always have the means to afford today’s most advanced software tools, it has become a “chicken and egg” situation.

Seller Snap offers an advanced, highly automated, AI repricer for Amazon sellers. Together with expansive Amazon seller analytics tools, we have helped sellers grow their businesses exponentially on Amazon.

Unfortunately, providing our customers with these AI and data capabilities requires extensive software development on our end, as well as essential computing and database power, resulting in high infrastructure costs.

In order to run a healthy business, Seller Snap’s normal pricing starts at $500 per month.

Introducing the Seller Snap Accelerator Program

We understand that paying $500 per month for a repricer is hard to justify when your Amazon store is not yet established. In order to help small Amazon sellers grow their business, Seller Snap launched a unique program at a greatly discounted price of $250 per month.

The Accelerator Program works in cycles of 6 months. During each cycle, our expert team of account managers will do their best to help members optimize the repricing of their listings, as well as utilize the available data to make informed business decisions.

At the end of each 6-month cycle, we re-evaluate the performance of each store in the Accelerator Program. If we are able to help participants significantly grow their Amazon business, resulting in monthly sales that are above the Accelerator Program threshold, they can choose to stay with Seller Snap’s Standard ($500) or Premium ($800) plans or switch to any other solution that they prefer. If the participant’s monthly sales are still below the program’s threshold, but our team, in discussion with the client, decides that there is still the opportunity for growth, clients can stay in the Accelerator Program for another cycle.

Read more about the Accelerator Program here.

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