Top 10 Most Profitable Categories for Amazon Sellers in 2022 | Top Selling Products on Amazon

Finding a new product to sell on Amazon can be a daunting task, especially for newbie sellers. You might end up with slow-moving items in your inventory instead of finding top-selling products

Product research and sourcing are of great importance for Amazon sellers. To help you discover profitable Amazon categories and top-selling products, here are some product sourcing tips and dedicated Amazon pages to serve as your guide. 

What is the Amazon Best Sellers Page?

The Amazon Best Sellers is a dedicated page for Amazon and sellers alike to check which products are popular based on sales. This page is valuable for Amazon sellers who are doing product research. 

On this best sellers page, you will find top-selling products under a specific Amazon category. From Amazon Devices and Accessories down to the Video Games category, you can stay updated on what is trending on Amazon.


photo-amazon-best-sellers-page A Screenshot (cropped) of Amazon Best Sellers pagel; Retrieved: August 5, 2021, From


What makes this Amazon Best Sellers page unique is its hourly bestseller update, along with a numerical ranking system. Each category showcases the top 100 Amazon products that come with global and star ratings. 


amazon-products-images A Screenshot (cropped) of Amazon Best Sellers pagel; Retrieved: August 5, 2021, From


Aside from the Amazon Best Sellers page, Amazon FBA sellers can check other relevant pages for the biggest selling product ideas. The pages highlighted above include New Releases, Movers and Shakers, Most Wished For, and Gift Ideas page.

How to Find Profitable Products to Sell on Amazon FBA

For most Amazon sellers, success in the Amazon marketplace begins with the proper selection of inventory items. If you wish to have a good starting point in terms of discovering top-selling products for Amazon, here are things you should consider. 

  • Follow the Trend 

To avoid slowing moving products, follow the trend. The trend is your friend in eCommerce. Products that are trending are always in high demand, which is why Amazon sellers should capitalize on these trending items for improved sales. 

  • Avoid Seasonal Products

If you are still new to Amazon FBA and would like to see growth in your store, you should avoid inventory items with a high degree of seasonality. 

Items such as Christmas paraphernalia will likely attract customers during Q4 only. It would be best to invest in items that are likely in demand all year long. 

  • Utilize Product Research Tools

If you want to speed up the process of finding top-selling products or profitable Amazon categories, use a product research tool. 

This type of Amazon seller tool not only provides you with a list of items that are trending or in demand, but it can also provide you with data analytics for better decision-making. 

  • Look for Small, Light & Durable Items

If you want to maintain a healthy profit margin, you should search for small, light, and highly durable products. Small and light items mean less shipping cost, especially if you are importing overseas. 

The durability of the item will help ensure that items are intact while in transit to the Amazon FBA warehouse. This will also help prevent potential complaints from customers due to product damages.

  • Check The Amazon Best Sellers Rank 

An Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR) is another good indicator of how well a particular product is performing in terms of sales on The lower the Amazon BSR, the better it sells in a specific Amazon category. 

Hence, it should not be taken as an overall ranking but rather an indicator of the product’s sales performance in a given category. 

The Amazon Categories and Products Connection

Similar to choosing the best selling product, selecting the top category for your business is also crucial in 2022. Both the product and category are interconnected. 

With the help of your product research, you will be able to identify which Amazon category is right for you. You should not discount one over the other. Both products and categories should be viewed simultaneously for better sales performance. 

Amazon Most Profitable Products – 2022 First Half

Amazon sellers should expect an increase in purchasing behaviors of consumers in 2022. A Jungle Scout report stipulated that around 55% of American consumers plan to “treat themselves” this year, especially after the pandemic hindered the majority of peoples’ plans. 

To give you an overview of the current market trends and demands, here are some of the Amazon categories and products ideal for the first half of 2022. 

  • Exercise & Fitness

After all the parties, dinners, and buffets during the holiday season, the most obvious move of consumers is to exercise. Losing weight or exercising is one of a consumers’ top New Year’s resolutions. 

In view of such goals, exercise and fitness equipment are highly sought items by consumers. There are numerous items you can add to your inventory that fits the exercise & fitness category. 

Top Selling Products in This Category: 

  • Leggings
  • Dumbbell
  • Waist Trainer Belt
  • Resistance Loop Exercise Bands

Pro-tips to Succeed in the Exercise & Fitness Category

It is not enough to simply upload photos of your products when selling exercise and fitness equipment. People looking to buy exercise equipment are interested in the functionality of your item; they want to see how the product works. 

You can maximize your listing under this category by uploading videos of your product showcasing its proper use and unique features. Amazon’s product video is a relatively new addition to the marketing tools that sellers can use for their business. 

  • Camera & Photo Products

The increase in popularity  of social media apps and platforms drives the growth of the digital camera market. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are key drivers for the growth of the global digital camera market.

To capitalize on this trend, you can sell items under the Camera & Photo Products category. Apart from cameras intended for social media, you may also include items for home security. 

Top Selling Products in This Category: 

  • Canon EOS Rebel T7 DSLR Camera
  • Photo and Video Editing Console for Lightroom Classic
  • Security IndoorCam
  • Portable lighting 
  • Camera stands 

Pro-tips to Succeed in the Camera & Photo Products Category

Now that digital cameras are trending make sure to diversify your items relating to the category. Apart from the actual cameras, you can also bundle other camera equipment. 

Moreover, to distinguish your store from competitors, make sure to highlight your branding. You can utilize Amazon Sponsored Brands for better brand discoverability. 

  • Electronics

The electronics category is a must-examine category for Amazon sellers. Since electronic products and devices are constantly improving and innovations are introduced regularly, consumers are always excited to purchase the latest products from this category. 

Now that the impact of the pandemic is gradually waning down, the electronic sector is targeting a 10% growth for 2022. It would mean more comprehensive inventory options for Amazon sellers and more product options for consumers. 

Top Selling Products in This Category: 

  • Streaming Media Player
  • Kindle Paperwhite
  • Surge Protector Power Strip 
  • Airpods
  • Screen Protectors
  • Ink Cartridges 

Pro-tips to Succeed in the Electronics Category

The average profit margin of the electronics category is around 20%, making it an ideal category for sellers looking to make a significant profit on Amazon. To increase the chances of success in this category, you should never forget to optimize your listing. 

Do not simply settle with the product information provided by the supplier. Although copy-pasting the information to the product description section of your listing is beneficial, it would also help add your own experience with the product as a user. It will give potential buyers more ideas on the user experience of the electronic product.  

That is one of the reasons why you should ask for a product sample from any of your inventory suppliers. It will give you a better understanding of the product, including the user experience. 

  • Beauty & Personal Care

The pandemic has made most consumers more open to personal care, which increased the demand for beauty and personal care products. Additionally, beauty and personal care products align with most consumers’ New Year’s resolutions.

The keyword ‘personal care products’ yields more than 5 billion results in Google and has an average search volume of 2,400 as of 2022. Therefore, the consumers’ interest in personal care and beauty products somehow affirms existing demand sellers may capitalize on. 

Top Selling Products in This Category: 

  • Hydrating Facial Cleanser
  • Exfoliating Mitts
  • Silk Hair Bonnet
  • Loofah Balls
  • Moisturizer

Pro-tips to Succeed in the Beauty & Personal Care Category

Before ordering from suppliers, make sure that the products you would be selling on Amazon comply with all the federal, state, and local laws as well as Amazon policies and product restrictions. Ensure that your product detail page in 2022 will include specific notes and instructions from the manufacturer to keep consumers well informed. 

Last Year’s Profitable Products – Last Year

1. Computers

With the majority of the population staying or working at home amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, it is no surprise that the Computers category occupies the top spot for best selling categories on Amazon in 2021. An updated report showcased that this Amazon category offers an average of 28% profit margin to sellers. 

Top Selling Products in This Category: 

  • Tablet 
  • Laptop
  • Smart WiFi Router
  • LED Lit Power Switches

Pro-Tips to Succeed in the Computers Category

To boost your sales in the Computer category, you should sell complementary products. This means that you should think of items that go well together with computers, such as standard peripherals including mouse, mousepad, webcam, printers, and the likes. Try creating an Amazon bundle to make your listing more enticing for Amazon shoppers. 

2. Video Games

It is not possible to mention profitable product categories on Amazon without mentioning video games. The video game market is worth about $138 billion. Amazon’s commitment towards the video game market has made video games one of the most profitable product categories for Amazon sellers. As a video game seller, you must provide a variety of options for your buyer.

Top Products in This Category:  

  • Xbox Gift Card
  • Stereo Gaming Headset 
  • PlayStation Store Gift Card
  • Nintendo eShop Gift Card   

Pro-tips to Succeed in the Video Games Category

Amazon created Twitch, a video game streaming platform to keep gamers occupied. You should leverage this in selling video games on Amazon. Promote your video game’s product availability on Twitch to appeal to the cohort of gamers created by Amazon – the Twitch Prime Members.

3. Handmade

The idea of selling handmade products on Amazon is popular among members of Amazon Seller Central. Some Amazon sellers do not view handmade items as an inventory destined to be part of Amazon best sellers.  Others believe that handmade items are suited for Shopify and similar platforms. 

However, Handmade is a profitable category to venture into when selling products on Amazon. According to a recent survey, the average profit margin for the Handmade product category is 26%. And this is relatively high as compared to other categories found on Amazon.

Top Selling Products in This Category:  

  • Adult One Layer Mask 
  • Kids Face Mask Reusable Washable
  • Cats Dogs ID Tags

Pro-tips to Succeed in the Handmade Category

When selling your own handmade products on Amazon, make sure to use high-quality photos. If your work contains special and unique detail, it needs to be emphasized. Make use of proper imagery tools to highlight the uniqueness of your item.

4. Books 

If you’re looking for a product with consistent sales and a strong profit margin that can easily be considered in the best selling Amazon categories, then look no further than the Books category. It is a niche item that sells no matter the season. 

The Books category includes 25 sub-categories, which gives you endless possibilities for sales. In numbers, the average profit margin for the Books category in 2021 is 25%. 

Two of the stronger sub-categories you should keep an eye out for are; Epic Adventure Novels (since many of these books have been made into blockbuster movies), and Children’s books. The majority of these books are fast sellers and part of a series, which is an excellent way to set you up for repeat customers.

Top Products in This Category:  

  • American Marxism
  • Billy Summers
  • We Were Never Here: A Novel
  • The Truth About COVID-19: Exposing The Great Reset, Lockdowns, Vaccine Passports, and the New Normal 

Pro-tips to Succeed in the Books Category

An important fact that you need to be aware of when selling books is that your choice of category corresponds to the needs of your target audience, or at the very least appeals to their likes. With 25 sub-categories, you have a wide range of topics to choose from. You can sell photography books to cookbooks and anything from self-help to test-prep books. 

Using social media to aggressively promote your products and engage with your target audience is a crucial part of creating that target audience. By following their conversations and investing in tools that can help you stay on top of sales trends, you are able to optimize your FBA listings. 

5. Apps & Games

With the limited access to  outdoor entertainment, more consumers have turned their attention to indoor activities. This drastic change in routine due to the pandemic has increased the profitability of the already very popular and profitable Apps & Games category on Amazon, with a 24% average profit margin.     

Top Selling Products in This Category: 

  • Minecraft
  • Scary Teacher 3D
  • Toca Life: Hospital
  • Toca Kitchen 2               

Pro-tips to Succeed in the Apps & Games Category

When selling games and apps online, you should be familiar with the current trending games and applications. Get a feel for what consumers like the most. Try to establish a target market to focus your resources on products that sell. 

Create engaging previews for your apps and games and make them available on social media and video sharing platforms like YouTube and Facebook. And most importantly, never forget to review the critical pre-submission checklist for your software.

6. CDs & Vinyl

Despite the increasing popularity of online music streaming platforms, like Spotify, Deezer, and Grooveshark, there still remains a demand for CDs and vinyls. Amazon sellers wanting to capitalize on this consumer demand should consider selling products under the CDs & Vinyl category. The said category is one of the best categories to sell on Amazon because of its favorable 24% average profit margin.  

Top Products in This Category:

  • All Things Must Pass [Deluxe 3 CD]
  • Release Me 2
  • Welcome 2 America

Pro-Tips to Succeed in the CDs & Vinyl Category

When dealing with this particular category, you should be aware that CDs and types of vinyl appeal to specific audiences. For that matter, you should focus on popular products in specific genres and items on a collectible level. Additionally, the use of an AI repricer will also help you with your product pricing and Amazon Buy Box win rate.

7. Home & Kitchen

The Home & Kitchen category remains one of the best selling categories on Amazon in 2021. This is because the majority of highly saleable consumer items can easily be categorized as home or kitchen products. Thus, making this Amazon category a promising category for sellers, especially with its 23% average profit margin. 

Top Products in This Category:  

  • Liquid Ant Baits
  • Bedding Sheet and Pillowcases 
  • Immersion Blender 

Pro-Tips to Succeed in the Home & Kitchen Category

For you to achieve more sales in this Amazon category, you should provide a wide array of options for buyers without having to sacrifice essential home items. Some of the saleable items under this category include but are not limited to a meat thermometer, air purifier, trash can, mattress, and curtains.

8. Pet Supplies

Over the past years, there has been an increase in pet ownership, especially during the pandemic, contributing to Pet Supplies being a thriving Amazon category in 2021, with a 23% average profit margin. This is no surprise since in the United States alone, it is estimated that more than 80 million families own a pet. 

Top Selling Products in This Category: 

  • Poop Bags for Dogs
  • Dog and Puppy Pads
  • Cat Litter 
  • Cat Treats

Pro-Tips to Succeed in the Pet Supplies Category

If you aim to increase your profit within this Amazon category, it would be best to focus first on the two most popular pets globally, dogs and cats. Try to focus your inventory on items that are relevant to dog and cat owners. This may include food, clothing, and accessories.

9. Beauty & Personal Care

The beauty and personal care industry is a large and consistently growing industry. It is projected to grow to $756 billion by 2026, not to mention its average profit margin of 23%. That is why the Beauty & Personal Care category is one of the best FBA categories Amazon sellers should consider in 2021. 

Top Selling Products in This Category: 

  • Acne Patch
  • Hand Soap
  • Face Mask
  • Makeup Remover

Pro-Tips to Succeed in the Beauty & Personal Care Category

In order to gain a good footing in the Beauty & Personal Care category, try to cover the majority of its subcategories, including but not limited to makeup, skin care, hair care, fragrance, and oral care. To win new business, you should also introduce more products that are inclined towards male consumers since men represent the fastest-growing demographic of beauty shoppers.

10. Kitchen & Dining 

Since more time is spent inside the house, more people are cooking and enhancing their gastronomic experience. Various kitchen and dining equipment is being purchased online.  And for Amazon, it has resulted in an average profit margin of 23% for their Kitchen & Dining category. 

Top Selling Products in This Category: 

  • Immersion Blender
  • Bento-Style Kids Lunch Box
  • Insulated Water Bottle
  • Insulated Lunch Bag

Pro-Tips to Succeed in the Kitchen & Dining Category

For the Kitchen & Dining category, it is recommended that you present Amazon shoppers with the best description of your item, especially those relating to kitchen appliances. Provide high-quality images for your listing, and if possible, incorporate Amazon product videos for better product presentation.


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Runner-Ups for 2021


Toys & Games

The Toys and Games product category is a very lucrative and profitable category for sellers. With an enormous marketplace that is constantly growing with toys from every blockbuster cartoon or movie, you’re sure to make big bucks. A plus for this category is that these toys and games are usually lightweight and cheap to pick up.

Pro-tips to Succeed in the Toys and Games Category

Adverts in-between kid’s TV Shows are a good start for you to discover in-demand kid’s toys and games. These are advertised in trends.

You can then go ahead to check out the annual holiday lists of trending toys and games published yearly by Amazon. This is mainly to serve as a guide to the buyers. You can take advantage of this list and Amazon’s best-selling products page to streamline your choice of products to sell. With these processes, you’re going to end up with hot-selling products.

Currently, toys in the Science, Tech, Engineering, Art and Maths categories, also known for short as “STEAM”, are commanding high sales volume. Also popular at the moment are the LOL dolls, water toys, and the Crayola products with games like Connect 4 and Jenga. You can check out the full lists here.

Electronics and Gadgets

The fourth industrial revolution is real, and it sets trends. One of the best selling Amazon categories that is most popular with the trend-setting influence of the revolution is the Electronics and Gadgets Category.

From IoTs to VR and A.I, they are all influencing how our electronics and gadgets now work.  Every day, there are new releases of a variety of these products. It has been shown that consumers don’t want to be left out of the newest trends. After books, another thing Amazon is well known for is their variety of electronics.

Electronics and gadgets will forever be in high demand and will always be one of most profitable categories on Amazon due to their rate of evolving. 

According to Amazon’s reports, in 2017, their top-selling products were electronics, from the Fire TV Stick Voice Remote Control to smart plugs. These products have successfully raked in thousands of reviews taking Amazon by storm.  These items are still hot sellers because they are constantly getting new updates.

Pro-tips to Succeed in the Electronics and Gadgets Category

Big brands vastly dominate the Electronics and Gadgets category, some owning the most profitable products to sell on Amazon and dominating some of the most profitable categories on Amazon.

Since this is the case, in order to succeed in this category, you have to make good decisions regarding your chosen products. An effective way to do this is to fill a small niche and appeal to a motivated audience.

For instance, you can decide to pitch your tent in the wearable gadgets niche or narrow it down even further to sports wearable gadgets. This is the only way you can differentiate yourself from the big brands and take your share of the Electronics and Gadgets category pie.

Clothing, Shoes, and Jewellery

The Clothing, Shoes, and Jewellery category is another fast-selling and highly profitable category. Millennials want an easy and convenient way to shop for stylish, trendy clothes at low cost. The best way to market to Millennials is creativity, make it fun and interesting. Millennials love that Amazon allows them to receive their packages as soon as possible.

Pro-tips to Succeed in the Clothing, Shoes and Jewellery Category

If you want to profits from Amazon, keywords come into play. Keywords are essential to your business because they make it easy for your products to rank well when being searched. This way, you can reach more prospective customers and increase sales.

You should consider using FBA to fulfill orders and ensure you have a good and clear returns policy. Millennials are notorious for not wanting to shop online because they are unable to try on the clothes prior to purchasing, so ensuring that their package arrives quickly and that your returns policy is clear and concise will ease any online shopping concerns.

Health, Household & Baby Care

Health is wealth as the old saying goes. In the Amazon industry, such a line is held as truth both in a figurative and literal standpoint, especially the latter. As an Amazon category, Health, Household & Baby Care is among the top 10 categories in terms of profit margin. According to the report, it provides entrepreneurs of Amazon with an average profit margin of 22%.

Pro-tips to Succeed in the Health Care Category

Otherwise known as Health & Personal Care category, this category is appealing among Amazon sellers because of its huge market. To profit in this Amazon category, make sure to maximize its wide subdivisions, including but not limited to Vitamins & Dietary Supplements, Sports Nutrition, Medical Supplies & Equipment, Sexual Wellness.

However, since this category involves health and wellness, Amazon has some strict regulations. See to it that your product is not classified under Amazon restricted categories to avoid issues along the way. Click Here for Product Approval Requirements.


The Appliances category is among the Amazon best sellers. Refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, and ice makers are some of the most popular appliances sold on Amazon based on sales. This category gives the opportunity for sellers to list the most profitable amazon products in their store.

If you are planning to venture into another Amazon category for increased profit, the Appliances category is a must-try category with an estimated average profit margin of 20%.  

Pro-tips to Succeed in the Appliances Category

Similar to other categories or listings, you will need to create a good description along with the use of high-quality images. And since you are selling items that require operational knowledge, having a video clip showcasing the use of an appliance would be appealing to shoppers. 

Similarly, you should be aware of any local regulations concerning appliance standards. Like in the United States, you should make sure that the item you will be selling has met all US regulatory standards, and the UL approved.

Musical Instruments

Musical Instruments category is another category offering a great opportunity for Amazon sellers. If products are chosen correctly for one of the best selling categories on Amazon. such items can easily become the most profitable products to sell on Amazon. Although not frequently included on Amazon’s bestsellers, this category amazingly offers a potential 17% profit margin.

Pro-tips to Succeed in the Musical Instrument Category

When selling musical instruments, honesty is the best policy. You should be honest about the quality and condition of your items. You must disclose the warranty type that the product comes with, especially for international musical instruments. To avoid issues and for smooth transactions, you should follow both the general guidelines and the specific guidelines set for the Musical Instrument category. 

Arts, Crafts & Sewing

The Arts, Crafts & Sewing category was among the top 10 categories in terms of reaching a high-profit margin on Amazon last year, with an estimated profit margin of 21%. For 2021, it is still a flourishing category for Amazon sellers to venture into.

Pro-tips to Succeed in the Arts, Crafts & Sewing Category  

One of the best methods to increase your profit in selling arts and crafts items on Amazon is learning to diversify your inventory to cater to different demographics of buyers. This simply means that your available items should not only appeal to young audiences but also mature ones.

In terms of optimization, you should provide your buyers with a detailed description as much as possible, especially when it comes to art materials. Shoppers in such categories are searching for a specific item for a specific task, which is why having a clear and informative description matters for shoppers. 

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