Increase Your Mother’s Day 2024 Sales With These Practical Tips and Market Insights | Here’s What Amazon Sellers Should Do

When is Mother’s Day 2024” has seen a search spike in the past few days as consumers prepare for the upcoming Mother’s Day 2024. Online shoppers direct their focus on Mother’s Day gifts or Mother’s Day gift ideas as this year’s International Mother’s Day celebration draws near.

With consumers’ growing interest, Amazon sellers and other entrepreneurs are given an opportunity to supply the needs of consumers for Mother’s Day. To help you increase your Amazon Mother’s Day sales, below are some important insights and Amazon selling tips to help you prepare your Amazon store for Mother’s Day 2024.

When Is Mother’s Day 2024? | Mother’s Day Celebration Around the Globe

As the name of the celebration suggests, Mother’s Day celebrates motherhood and the maternal bond. This day honors mothers and maternal figures for all the dedication and sacrifices they have made for their children.

Concerning the question, “When is Mother’s Day 2024,” the answer varies depending on which country you are in. However, International Mother’s Day is observed on the second Sunday in the month of May. And for this year, Mother’s Day is celebrated on May 12, 2024

Knowing when a particular country celebrates Mother’s Day gives Amazon sellers a competitive advantage, especially those sellers who operate internationally through Amazon Global. It gives sellers ample time to prepare their Mother’s Day campaign and know more about their target audience, as well as raise brand awareness.

For Amazon sellers, here are the Mother’s Day dates for each Amazon international marketplace:

Mother’s Day Celebration – Mar 10, 2024

Mother’s Day Celebration – Mar 21, 2024

Mother’s Day Celebration – May 5, 2024

Mother’s Day Celebration – May 10, 2024

Mother’s Day Celebration – May 12, 2024

Mother’s Day Celebration – May 26, 2024

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas | Items Your Amazon Store Should Have


eCommerce businesses should anticipate Mother’s Day spending in 2024, considering the increase in Mother’s Day purchases over the past few years. According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), Mother’s Day 2024 spending is expected to reach $33.5 billion, making it the second highest in the history of NRF’s annual consumer survey. 

As the trend continues, it is expected that consumers will spend more to celebrate Mother’s Day. To anticipate the demand for Mother’s Day gifts, here are some gifts that tend to be popular among consumers, according to the National Retail Federation

  • Flowers
  • Greeting Cards
  • Jewelry
  • Electronics
  • Special Outings

The products and categories mentioned above can serve as a guide for determining which products or categories your resources should be focused on to have a profitable Mother’s Day 2024

Tips to Boost Profitability of Your Amazon Store | Mother’s Day Marketing Campaign




Competition on Amazon can sometimes be tough, especially if you do not know the right approach to the market. If you are new to Amazon and you wish to maximize your Amazon sales and revenue this coming Mother’s Day 2024, you can follow these practical tips: 

Conduct Research

Before testing any of your Mother’s Day marketing ideas, you should not forget to conduct research to raise awareness. Proper research will give you the actionable information you need to get the most out of your Mother’s Day marketing ideas.  

When doing research for your Mother’s Day marketing campaign, your goal is to ask the right questions in relation to the Mother’s Day campaign. Some of the research questions that need to be answered include the following:

  • Who are your target customers, and how do they behave? 
  • How much do they plan to spend? 
  • What influences their purchase decision? 
  • Where are they located?
  • What is the profile of an ideal customer?
  • What is the profile of a typical competitor?
  • What do customers consider a perfect gift?
  • What are your competitors’ main strengths and weaknesses?

Once you have gathered answers to the Mother’s Day campaign questions above, you can organize the results and then interpret them. After data organization and interpretation, you should draw conclusions and take action to improve your Mother’s Day marketing campaign.

Optimize Product Listings

One effective way to increase Mother’s Day customer engagement is to optimize your listings in preparation for Mother’s Day campaigns. To do so, you must familiarize yourself with Amazon search engine optimization or simply Amazon SEO. 

The eCommerce giant itself refers to Amazon SEO as “the process of optimizing product listings to help them rank higher in product searches on” Amazon SEO’s main purpose is to help sellers achieve the following:

  • Drive traffic to product listings
  • Increase product and brand visibility
  • Boost conversion rates and sales growth

In order to optimize your product listings and achieve favorable results for your Mother’s Day sale ideas, Amazon suggests optimizing the seven essential parts of your product listings in preparation for Mother’s Day. Here are the things you should focus on to improve product listing optimization:


You should use words and phrases that online shoppers will likely use when searching for Mother’s Day gifts online. Keyword research tools can help you compile a comprehensive list of keywords, or you can use competitor keywords as a starting point for your keyword research. 

Product Images:

Make sure to use high-quality images for your Mother’s Day listing photos to convey key features of your product easily. Amazon suggests using clear, informative, and attractive photos with a white background and filling at least 85% of the image space.

Product Titles

Apart from adding essential keywords to the title whenever possible, you should also follow Amazon guidelines for product titles. Here are some of the reminders to keep in mind when developing product titles for your Amazon listings:

  • The title should match the actual product title appearing on the product packaging.
  • Titles should contain the minimal information needed to identify the item and nothing more.
  • The recommended title length should be at least 60 and fewer than 80 characters.
  • Avoid using all caps for your product title; only the first letter of each word, except for prepositions and conjunctions, should be capitalized. 
  • Use numerals for numbers instead of number words. 


Product Descriptions

In order to create an effective product description, it is highly suggested to include brand names, sizes (if applicable), material type, and other relevant details, such as product color (if applicable), packaging, and quantity (if applicable). By doing so, you are giving Amazon shoppers an opportunity to find, evaluate, and eventually purchase your Mother’s Day listings. 

Key Features

Key features or bullet points should be optimized to communicate clearly to Amazon customers the features and benefits of your product. It should follow bullet point guidelines, such as:

  • Having five bullet points for each product.
  • Keeping bullet points under 1,000 characters in total.
  • Emphasizing five key features you want customers to consider.
  • Avoiding promotional and pricing details. 

Backend Keywords

Optimizing backend keywords can further enhance product discoverability for Mother’s Day 2024. These keywords are not visible to Amazon shoppers, but they help Amazon index your product. Some important optimization guidelines include using generic words, synonyms, abbreviations, alternative names, and spelling variations of your products. 

Product Pricing

Price greatly influences the conversion rate of your Mother’s Day sale, which is why you need to offer a competitive price to shoppers. When adjusting your listing price, it is best to always consider your overall expenses, including Amazon fees and competitor prices. 

However, if you have no time to research competition and constantly adjust listing prices manually, you can automate price adjustments with the help of an advanced Amazon repricer

Offer Mother’s Day Deals and Discounts

When shopping for Mother’s Day gifts, shoppers are naturally attracted to Mother’s Day deals and discounts. You can capitalize on this tendency of consumers to favor Mother’s Day discounts by creating your own Amazon Mother’s Day promotions and discount offers. 

One of the Mother’s Day marketing ideas you can set up to help you with Mother’s Day sales is the Amazon Lightning Deal. This time-bound promotional offer enables you to feature your product on the Amazon Deals page for about 4 to 12 hours (as determined by Amazon). Lightning Deal gives you the opportunity to offer personalized gifts and Mother’s Day-themed items.

To be eligible for Lightning Deal, you must be a Professional Amazon seller with an overall rating of at least 3.5 stars. Your product must also meet the criteria set for product deal eligibility. 

Another effective tool to increase your Mother’s Day sales is to use Amazon Coupons. You can offer discounts for a single product or set of products via coupons, making it irresistible for consumers to consider your product. Amazon Mother’s Day Coupons can also eliminate the need for discount codes or loyalty cards.

Getting started with Amazon Coupons is easy. As an overview of how to create Amazon Coupons for Mother’s Day 2024, you need to do the following:

Step 1: Add products to your coupon (up to 200 products in one coupon).

Step 2: Set a discount amount and budget, either a percentage or money off discounts.

Step 3: Set duration for coupon validity, which can be set up to 3 months.

Step 4: Once the initial processes have been performed, simply review and submit your Amazon Coupon for Mother’s Day. 

Besides coupons and Lightning deals, other Mother’s Day promotion ideas and deals options include 7-Day Deals, Event Deals, and Prime Exclusive Deals (PED), and Mother’s Day giveaway

Take Advantage of Amazon Ads

Another way to improve your Mother’s Day sales is to maximize the use of Amazon Ads. Some of the popular choices for Amazon Ads include Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Products. 



Amazon Ads: A screenshot(cropped) Sponsored Brands sample; Retrieved: April. 19, 2023, From


For the former, you can use this to increase brand discoverability through creative ads appearing on relevant Amazon search results. The latter, on the other hand, will make it easier for customers to see your Mother’s Day products on shopping results and product pages. 

Those who have used Amazon Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Products for their advertising campaign have observed a +50% increase in units ordered and a +57.8% increase in conversion rate. 

Automate Repricing

One of the marketing mixes that can significantly influence the purchasing behavior of online shoppers is price. Hence, you should be able to offer competitive listing prices to consumers. 

Offering a competitive listing price influences consumers’ buying habits and the Amazon Buy Box algorithm. The Amazon Buy Box favors competitively priced listings, so you should develop a reliable and effective pricing strategy to win the favor of shoppers and have your products featured on the Buy Box.

You can use an Amazon repricer to help you optimize your listing price. Prior to the introduction of sophisticated repricing software, sellers simply relied on manual repricing and rule-based repricing for price adjustments. 

Manual and rule-based repricing methods require considerable time and effort to perform. Moreover, human error and the repricing limitations of both manual and rule-based repricers cause sellers to lose profit.

To obtain a competitive edge and improve your pricing strategy for Mother’s Day 2024, consider using a more sophisticated AI repricer. In particular, an AI repricer like Seller Snap can automate the repricing process on your behalf without having to worry about Amazon price wars or incorrect price adjustments.

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Maximizing Sales This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is an annual celebration that honors mothers and maternal figures. From an Amazon seller’s perspective, it is an opportunity to assist consumers in finding the best Mother’s Day gift while improving their sales performance. 

You can make Mother’s Day shopping easier for shoppers by creating Mother’s Day gift guide content, such as a gift guide blog post. In addition, you can also improve your digital marketing campaign by creating engaging social media posts on various social media platforms.

To help you maximize this celebration in favor of your Amazon store, you can start optimizing your Amazon business for Mother’s Day 2024. The tips and insights highlighted above can help you plan ahead, implement effective strategies, and provide exceptional customer service.

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