Last Minute Preparation Tips for Amazon Black Friday and Cyber Monday | 6 Ways to Drive More Sales

Strategically navigating through this shopping season is essential for every Amazon seller. With Amazon Black Friday and Amazon Cyber Monday drawing near, you should do a final store check to avoid unnecessary issues that could delay or complicate your Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales

By now, Amazon FBA products should have already been shipped to fulfillment centers, especially since Amazon has already provided sellers with a deadline – November 15. With just a few days before Amazon Black Friday and Amazon Cyber Monday, your attention should be centered on optimizing your Amazon campaign.  

If you are not yet fully prepared for the upcoming Cyber Monday and Black Friday sales, we have you covered. Here are some last minute preparation tips to get your Amazon store ready for Amazon Black Friday on November 26 and the Amazon Cyber Monday on November 29.  

Improve Your Amazon Black Friday and Cyber Monday Campaign



Ensure That Your Product Descriptions Sells

The product description is often an undervalued and underutilized section of the product detail page. Most of the time, sellers simply input unappealing and completely copy-pasted information to make things easier. 

If you have not yet optimized your product descriptions through proper use of keywords, you are depriving your Amazon store of showcasing the value of your products. Similarly, you are also missing out on better Amazon search result rankings for your listings. 

Just like Google, proper use of keywords should be observed for your listings. The keywords and phrases for your product description must reflect the interests of Amazon shoppers.

It is imperative to use research-based Amazon keywords to improve ranking potential. This is especially important when only 30% of shoppers reach the second page of the Amazon search result page. 

Aside from using relevant Amazon keywords, you should also write product descriptions that appeal to your target audience. If your item is categorized under the home kitchen category, you should use keywords appealing to users searching for products under such an Amazon category. 

Let’s say that you are selling cookware; your product description must therefore include relevant and appealing terms like easy to clean, durable, and non-stick. In a sense, you highlight the product’s features and the benefits buyers may obtain from purchasing your item. 

Other significant changes you need to implement with your product descriptions include using bullet points and limiting your product title length to no more than 200 characters, including spaces. 

Finally, to avoid issues during Amazon Black Friday or Amazon Cyber Monday, you should follow the product detail page rules set by Amazon. 

Optimize Product Image to Entice Shoppers 

Apart from the product description, the product image you use is the closest Amazon shoppers will get in scrutinizing your product. In order to determine the suitability of the product, most of the time, shoppers will zoom into the images. 

Since the brain can process images 60,000 times faster than text, it is critical to have a quality image for your listing. You can optimize your product images by uploading high-quality photos.

When taking a product photo, keep in mind the angles. Try to imagine which angles shoppers normally check when examining an actual product and present as many product angles as possible to customers. 

Instead of only uploading 2 or 3 product images for your Amazon Cyber Monday or Black Friday sales, upload at least six alternative photos to maximize the limit set by Amazon. 

Additionally, once you have chosen your main image, try to arrange the subsequent images in a logical manner. This means mimicking how a shopper will typically examine an actual product. 

To illustrate, most shoe brands upload a main image showcasing the principal front of the shoe. Then subsequent photos would either be the toe or back portion of the shoe, followed by the photos showing the bottom or top view of the shoe. A screenshot (cropped) product page; Retrieved: Nov 19, 2021, From


Furthermore, to avoid product image issues for your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, you should also observe these guidelines for listing photos on Amazon.  

Be More Active on Social Media 

With the entrance of social media into the digital landscape, sellers are given more opportunities to market their brand or product. With the Cyber Monday and Black Friday sales approaching, it would be very helpful to be more active on social media to increase brand awareness. 

From deals to bundles, you can start sharing what awaits customers when they visit your Amazon store. Take time to showcase a curated collection of your products to elevate brand awareness by harnessing the power of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter. 

Reading our separate article concerning the power of social media for improved store engagement can help you widen your horizon about Amazon social media campaigns. 

Deal With Negative Feedback 

Customer feedback is one of the factors considered by shoppers when purchasing an item online. Today’s shoppers are keen enough to check sellers’ service performance via customer comments and reviews.

For that matter, it would be best that recent negative reviews have been dealt with before Amazon Black Friday and Amazon Cyber Monday

To remove negative feedback, Amazon encourages sellers to contact the buyer and resolve their concerns. Afterward, you can ask the buyer to either remove or update the negative review. However, you should avoid pressuring a buyer to remove the negative review, as it is against Amazon regulations. 

Additionally, dealing with negative feedback likewise affects your chances of winning the Amazon Buy Box. The higher your feedback rating, the better the chances of winning the Buy Box. 

To access customer feedback, you need to login into your Amazon Seller Central account. Once logged in, look for Feedback under the Performance tab. 



Amazon Seller Central: A screenshot (cropped) Amazon Dashboard Tabs; Retrieved: Nov 19, 2021, From


Consider Offering Free Shipping

Although not mandatory for all Amazon sellers, it would be very beneficial to offer free shipping for Black Friday and Cyber Monday purchases. This will not only invite more Amazon shoppers to check your brand, but this will also decrease instances of cart abandonment during the holiday period. 

One of the reasons for eCommerce cart abandonment in the U.S. is the shipping cost. Implementing free shipping on some of the items you plan to include in your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales can help decrease cart abandonment. 

Reexamine Products to Bundle

If you are planning to offer your usual product bundles during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you should see that those products are still in demand as frequently bought together items.

Review past sales performance of item bundles so that you can make changes to your bundle offers appropriately. Consider consumer trends and demands when reexamining product bundles. 

Always Observe Competitive Pricing

On top of optimization, promotional offers, and customer service, you should always maintain a competitive product price. Whether it is Amazon Black Friday, Amazon Cyber Monday, or the Christmas season, consumers will always be attracted to a highly competitive price.

To establish and maintain competitive pricing, you can utilize Amazon repricing software to help you with your pricing strategy. Remember that pricing will always be one of the top buying factors Amazon shoppers consider, whether it is the holiday season or not. 

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