Simple Strategies to Win the Amazon Buy Box

Without using any Amazon FBA tools, sellers and shoppers alike can easily locate the Amazon Buy Box. In the product detail page, on its extreme right, an “Add to Cart” or “Buy Now” button – this constitutes the Amazon Buy Box. As a third-party Amazon seller, one of your objectives is to get your share of the Buy Box.

For a newbie seller, it is logical for you to compete for the Amazon Buy Box. Almost all Amazon third-party sellers are aiming to be listed on the product detail page where the Buy Box is located. However, not all sellers are immediately considered Amazon Buy Box eligible.

When creating a seller account, you are given two options. If you want to improve your revenue, you should sign up for the professional plan, instead of the individual selling plan. While the latter does not come with a monthly subscription fee, the former comes with a fee but with many privileges, and one of which is access to the Amazon Buy Box.

More importantly, you should also take into account your customer experience. Amazon reviews are among the criteria that give you a greater chance of attaining Buy Box share. Amazon A9 algorithm can determine which particular product should be placed in the Amazon Buy Box based on exceptional reputation and noteworthy customer reviews.

Amazon allocates the Amazon Buy Box privileges to shoppers to provide them with the best product search and shopping experience.

Amazon How to Win Buy Box: Here’s How To Capture Buy Box Share


Fulfillment Method

Third-party Amazon sellers have an option when it comes to fulfilling orders. You may choose between fulfilling orders by yourself or using the Amazon FBA program. Amazon FBA or Fulfillment By Amazon suggests that you are handing off the responsibilities to Amazon, including but not limited to picking, packing, and shipping.

Although FBM or Fulfillment by Merchant has its own advantages, FBA is popular among sellers mainly because Amazon provides Buy Box preference to FBA sellers. One of the factors behind such bias is that Amazon is more convinced that they can deliver products or orders on time, rather than relying on merchants’ own logistic capability.

Hence, FBA is the ideal answer to the question of Amazon how to win buy box.

Language Smart

Like in any other enterprise, communication is the key. Communication is among the answers for the question on how to win buy box on Amazon.

And in order to communicate well to consumers or buyers on Amazon, be sure to get your language right. This simply means that you should see to it that the optimization of your product title and its description are done well. Needless to say that proficiency in Amazon SEO is of great advantage.

Since your aim as an Amazon seller is to make your product visible, then you should take care of the product listing optimization. This is one of the trade secrets on how to win Amazon buy box.

By doing so, your product will have a greater chance of appearing in a product search result. That is why Amazon listing content matters when it comes to the Amazon Buy Box.


If your orders outweigh your stock-take, competing for your Buy Box share might be thwarted. In-stock inventory to fulfill orders is as important as receiving the orders themselves. If you are wondering on how to win buy box on Amazon, then you should start taking into account your inventory.

For that matter, it is of critical importance that as an online seller you are responsible for your inventory. Implement an inventory management strategy to address order volume spikes and avoid delays and inconveniences.

Smart Pricing

In the consumer industry, pricing has a huge impact on the behavior of consumers as well as the success of a business. If you have been asking on how to win Amazon buy box, then pricing is one of the key factors for consideration.

A sudden change in price without a substantial basis may break or make your business. If you aim for longevity for your Amazon business, then you should have a smart Amazon repricing strategy.

From a macro-perspective, smart repricing will improve the longevity of your business. On the same note, such a strategy also affects the chances of increasing your Buy Box winning rate. To help you stay competitive when it comes to Amazon repricing, the use of a repricer is recommended.

Seller Snap is the best solution when it comes to automated repricing needs. Amazon is a competitive environment for online sellers, especially those aiming to capture the Buy Box. With the advanced features of Seller Snap and its Game-Theory based AI repricer, it can automatically implement a smart repricing strategy.

Seller Snap takes into account competitor behavior and price change notifications from Amazon. Thus, resulting in a more logical repricing strategy aimed at capturing the Buy Box at a higher price point.

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