Amazon Has Added FBA Small and Light Recommendations to Growth Opportunities | What is The Amazon Growth Opportunities Tool?

Amazon offers various resources and seller tools to help Amazon sellers using its FBA service improve their business. The tech giant recognizes that success in eCommerce requires more than just hard work, which is why it introduced various Amazon sellers tools to assist sellers in developing effective strategies for their Amazon businesses.  

Just recently, Amazon announced that FBA Small and Light recommendations were added to their Growth Opportunities tool to help Amazon sellers maximize their business.

Amazon Seller Tool Overview: What is Amazon The Growth Opportunities Tool?




Amazon Growth Opportunities is an Amazon seller tool that provides sellers with actionable insights on how to grow and improve their business performance from a single page. 

Growth Opportunities is another feature in Amazon Seller Central that gathers recommendations from various Amazon programs. The aggregated recommendations that this seller tool provides comes from multiple sources, which primarily include:

  • Amazon’s assessment of your product’s sales potential
  • Sales lift experienced by other Selling Partners after completing the recommended action on similar products

The gathered data is then centralized to help sellers choose the actions that make sense for their business. Through this Amazon seller tool, sellers can decide whether to invest their resources in a particular inventory item.  

Amazon Growth Opportunities is a powerful Amazon seller tool that can help you focus on the program or task that is most likely to impact your performance. Similarly, this Amazon seller tool can also improve traffic and discoverability of your listings. Hence, increasing your product listings sales conversion.

What Is FBA Small and Light?

Recently, Amazon announced that sellers can now view all of their products that are eligible for enrollment in the FBA Small and Light Program. So, what exactly is the FBA Small and Light Program?

As a way of helping sellers, Amazon created a program called FBA Small and Light. This Amazon program reduces fulfillment costs for products that meet certain criteria, such as weight, size, and price. 

The FBA Small and Light program allows sellers to offer small and lightweight products at an affordable price for customers. The program’s goal is to make it more cost-effective for sellers to offer these types of products while presenting customers with more affordable listing prices.

How Sellers Benefit from This Amazon Seller Tool Update

With the FBA Small and Light recommendations added to the Growth Opportunities tool, sellers can now have better insights and recommendations concerning products enrolled in the FBA Small and Light Program. 

In addition, the seller tools’ potential sales lift metric can help Amazon sellers prioritize specific FBA Small and Light actions by estimating which products will have the greatest return from enrollment. Furthermore, the Growth Opportunities tool can also help sellers make more informed decisions about which products to enroll in the Small and Light Program.

Identifying Common Business Challenges 

The Amazon Growth Opportunities tool is a valuable resource for Amazon FBA sellers looking to gain an edge over their competition. However, such a tool is somehow limited to the programs added to it.

For an increased success rate in the Amazon marketplace, it likewise is essential for Amazon sellers to look into other challenges in the industry. There are many challenges that can arise when growing an Amazon business, including:

Competition: The Amazon marketplace is highly competitive, with millions of sellers offering a wide range of products. It can make it difficult for new sellers to stand out and attract customers. 

Pricing: Setting the right price for your products can be challenging, as you need to take into account the cost of production, shipping, and fulfillment, as well as the prices of similar products on the marketplace. Hence, it is highly suggested that sellers utilize an Amazon repricer to optimize their pricing strategy.

Shipping and fulfillment: Managing the shipping and fulfillment of your products can be a major challenge, especially if you are dealing with a large volume of orders.

Customer Service: Providing excellent customer service is essential for maintaining a good reputation on Amazon, but managing customer inquiries and complaints can be difficult, especially as your business grows.

Marketing: Effective marketing is crucial for attracting customers and driving sales on Amazon, but it can be challenging to develop and implement a successful marketing strategy. Thus, sellers need a better understanding of Amazon’s marketing and advertising strategies

Growing Your Amazon Business

Growing an Amazon business can be complex and challenging, but results can be rewarding. By identifying areas of your business that need improvement, you can take steps to optimize your business performance and achieve success on the platform.

In addition to using the Amazon Growth Opportunities tool to gain insights and specific recommendations for particular Amazon programs, you can also use other Amazon seller tools to identify and address other challenges in the business. You can do more and achieve more by utilizing the right Amazon seller tools for your business.

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