What Is Amazon Inspire? | Understanding the TikTok-like Feature of the Amazon Shopping App

Short-form content is gaining popularity among internet users as short videos become more prevalent. Both Facebook and Instagram highlight these with Reels, YouTube has introduced Youtube Shorts, and Twitter now allows video content as its new feature

To keep up with the trend popular on various social media platforms, Amazon likewise ventured into short-form content with its Amazon Inspire. If you are an Amazon seller, shopper, or into the Amazon influencer program, it is good to take note of this Amazon shopping app feature.

What Is Short-Form Content? | Short-Form Videos in Modern Marketing

Before we discuss what Amazon Inspire is, a great starting point is understanding what short-form content is and why it is gaining popularity among online users and marketers. 

Short-form content is designed for instantaneous consumption and easy scrolling through multiple videos simultaneously. Short-form videos are bite-sized video contents that are typically around 60 to 90 seconds that are easily accessible with just a few taps.

It was estimated that in 2022, around 1.6 billion people used short videos to communicate, accounting for 80% of all mobile data traffic in North America. 

That being said, more and more marketers are using short videos as part of their marketing strategy. Some of the reasons why marketers consider short-form videos are their accessibility and affordability for social shopping. Short-form videos and photos allow marketers and sellers to quickly produce shoppable content appearing on any user’s personalized feed.

Moreover, the short-form video also offers the highest ROI of any social media marketing strategy. Accordingly, short videos as a social media marketing strategy offer a 30% investment return (ROI).

Benefits of Short-Form Videos  (TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Facebook Reels, & Instagram Reels)

Amazon introduced Inspire because the tech giant saw the potential benefits of short videos to both Amazon shoppers and sellers alike. The proliferation of short videos on TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms led Amazon to recognize the marketing value of short-form content, including the following: 

  • Attention Span

According to research, the attention span of humans has decreased by almost 25%. The average human attention span of 12 seconds decreased to 8.25 seconds. 

Thus, explaining why it is hard for some consumers to maintain their interest for extended periods of time. Since short-form videos are condensed, engaging, and easy to consume, they are the ideal solution to this issue.

  • Easy to Create

Unlike in previous years, the capacity to make high-quality short videos is now more accessible than ever.  The availability of inexpensive and user-friendly video editing tools has made it easier for online sellers to create their own videos without requiring pricey, complex software or production agencies.

  • Mobile-Friendly

The proliferation of smartphones and mobile internet use led consumers to consume an increasing amount of video content while on the go. Short videos are ideal for people who are constantly on the go because they are mainly designed for mobile viewing.

  • Cost-Effective

Short videos are not only easy to produce, but they are also less expensive than long-form marketing videos. Short-form videos require less time, money, and equipment to create. They are ideal for sellers or business owners who are on a tight budget. 

  • Increased Engagement

Short videos are more interesting and easy to remember than text or infographics. Additionally, they are easier to share, which increases the likelihood that they will become viral and attract a larger audience.

In summary, short-form videos have many advantages for online sellers or business owners trying to connect with their target audience. They are affordable, accessible, and engaging. Hence, Amazon introduced its own version of short-form content on the Amazon shopping app.

What Is Amazon Inspire? | TikTok-Like Feature For Amazon Sellers

Now that we have established the impact of short-form videos on marketing, it is good to understand the latest shopping app feature introduced by Amazon, the Amazon Inspire

Amazon Inspire is a highlight within the Amazon shopping app that provides a personalized shopping experience through a feed of vertical videos, photos, and product listings.

Amazon Inspire aims to make Amazon shopping easier and more enjoyable for customers by allowing them to discover new products based on their interests and for brands to reach potential customers. 

It is safe to assume that Amazon Inspire is an upgrade from traditional product listings, offering Amazon shoppers a more engaging and entertaining way of finding products. Amazon Inspire provides shoppers with inspiration on what to buy next.

In retrospect, this is not the first time Amazon introduced video content to its platform. It can be remembered that in 2020, Amazon likewise introduced to sellers the use of videos for product listings.  

How Amazon Inspire Works for Shoppers?

Amazon created Amazon Inspire to give online shoppers an easy and fun experience. This new Amazon shopping app feature will make it simpler and more engaging for shoppers to find new products and uncover product ideas.



Image Source: Amazon


Amazon customers can choose from a list of interests when launching the app. The shoppable feed can display video and image content associated with those categories in accordance with user selections. Simplicity is one of the factors considered in developing Amazon Inspire since Amazon wanted to provide shoppers with a user-friendly interface. 




Image Source: Amazon


Amazon Inspire Contents | Who Can Post? 

Although Amazon Inspire is a powerful marketing tool, not all Amazon sellers are qualified to create content for Inspire. According to Amazon, only those vendors or sellers enrolled in Brand Registry and with an active Brand Store are eligible to appear in Amazon Inspire.

Alternatively, sellers may still have their products showcased on Amazon Inspire through customer reviews. According to Amazon, Amazon customers can inspire other customers by submitting a product review, which may appear in Inspire.

Lastly, another way for sellers to have their listing shown on Amazon Inspire is through the help of Amazon Influencers or those sellers who are actively participating in the Amazon influencer program

As per Amazon, the qualifying photos and videos posted by influencers through their Amazon Influencer storefront are eligible to appear in Inspire. Their Amazon storefront will likewise serve as an avenue to engage new customers to explore shoppable feeds.

Avoiding Community Guidelines Violations While Using Inspire

To avoid Amazon Inspire violations, Amazon suggests following the community guidelines. Some of the Amazon Community Guidelines to adhere to include avoiding spamming, invading others’ privacy, profanity, harassment, hate speech, nudity or sexually explicit image, and more.

If you plan to use Inspire for your Amazon business, it is best to take note of the community guidelines set by Amazon. Violation of these guidelines can adversely affect your Amazon account.

Amazon Inspire and Other Seller Tools 

The Inspire update of the Amazon shopping app can help enhance your business performance, especially on the marketing side of the business. Amazon Inspire can be used with other Amazon seller tools to improve business performance. Some of these tools may include but are not limited to Amazon repricer, keyword research tools, Amazon advertising solutions, inventory management software, and more.

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