Amazon Tools & Resources That Made Amazon Prime Day Successful For Sellers

Amazon Prime Day 2020 was a huge success despite the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic and the socio-economic conditions of consumers worldwide. The yearly Amazon sales event took place October 13 to 14 and was held in 20 participating countries including the United States.             

According to Amazon, the recently concluded Amazon Prime Day was a blockbuster hit in terms of revenue for small and medium businesses (SMB) worldwide. It was reported that SMBs “surpassed $3.5 billion in sales on Prime Day—a nearly 60% year-over-year increase, growing even more than Amazon’s retail business.”          

As a way of showing their support to small businesses, Amazon funded a promotion that helped achieve over $900 million in revenue just two weeks leading up to Prime Day. 

Effective Tools and Resources for Prime Day  

As well as the proactive approach of Amazon for this year’s Prime Day event, Amazon sellers did their due diligence to prepare for the annual sales event. By maximizing available Amazon seller tools and resources, the majority of sellers managed to get the most out of Prime Day 2020.  

To give you an overview of the tools and resources used by Amazon sellers to better their Amazon store engagement, here are some of the Amazon seller tools and services you should take into account for future Amazon Prime Day events.               

Lightning Deal             

One of the highly effective Amazon resources sellers have been using for Prime Day events is the Lightning Deal. This type of Amazon Deal is categorized as a time-bound promotional offer that usually lasts around 4 to 12 hours.              

It has been observed that sellers can increase the visibility of their brand and sales momentum through Lightning Deals. Apart from brand and sales, utilizing lightning deals also enhances your organic search result ranking because of the increased clicks, sales, and customer reviews obtained through Lightning Deal transactions.                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Social Media Prime Day Promotion   

Social media is one of the best avenues for sellers to market their products or advertise their brand, which is why Amazon is keen on maximizing various social media platforms. 

Since Amazon promotes their Prime Day event on multiple platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, sellers can capitalize on this particular resource.

To attract more visitors to their Amazon stores, some sellers have been joining the conversation through Amazon’s social media posts, including the company’s #PrimeDay promotions. Participating in such conversations on social media will help sellers draw attention to their items and attract consumers specifically looking for interesting Prime Day deals!     

Alternatively, you can also associate your brand or product with influencers to prep your brand for the coming Prime day event and other Amazon sales events. 

To help you build your brand presence on social media prior to any peak shopping period, you should start leveraging the power of social media at least 2 months before any sales event.                  

Sponsored Products

Amazon sellers also utilize another in-house Amazon advertising tool. Sponsored Products is an exclusive service by Amazon, available for third-party merchants with professional seller accounts. 

The use of Sponsored Products is recommended to boost product discoverability and visibility. Similarly, Amazon Sponsored Products also helps promote seasonal items and create interest in new products.  

If you wish to know more about Amazon advertising tools, you may CLICK HERE.

Amazon Repricing Tools

Whether it is a Prime Day event or not, successful Amazon sellers rely on Amazon repricers for their repricing strategies, such as algorithmic repricer, Seller Snap.

This type of repricer is ideal for sellers who do not have the luxury of time to perform manual repricing for their voluminous inventory. Additionally, AI repricers also help Amazon sellers win the Amazon Buy Box even during Prime Day and other holiday shopping events. 

Optimization Checker Tools 

Appearing on Amazon search result pages is critical for increased revenue during Prime Day events. Taking time to properly optimize your Amazon listing will help increase search result ranking. 

Essential listing components that should be optimized well are the title, product description, images, reviews, and other important Amazon relevant listing components. To know whether your listing is well optimized, you may make use of Amazon listing quality checkers

Product Research Tools

Despite having the traffic and visibility, one crucial factor for a successful Prime Day event is having the right product. One of the reasons for stale inventory in warehouses is the lack of prior research when purchasing inventory items. 

Successful Prime Day 2020 sellers make use of Amazon product research tools to stay informed on whether a particular item is on-demand or trending. Using this tool makes product selection easier, quicker, and more reliable. 

The Amazon tools and resources mentioned above are not only useful for Amazon Prime Day, sellers can also utilize them for other upcoming holiday events for Q4, 2020. 

Prioritize Customer Satisfaction 

Sellers worldwide would agree that Prime Day 2020 was successful. One of the critical factors for a successful Amazon business, Prime Day or not is customer satisfaction. 

It is of paramount importance that sellers provide top-quality customer service not just for short-term profit, but for long term gain. Bear in mind that “satisfied customers are the best advertisement.” 

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