Amazon Seller Support: What You Should Know, Phone Number, and How to Contact Them in 2024

One of the essential pillars of Amazon is its seller support, which is why many sellers are interested in knowing the Amazon Seller Support phone number. The seller support team helps sellers resolve issues concerning their account, product, brand, and so much more. 

Before the advent of telephone-based businesses in the 1960s, both sellers and customers were typically left to solve their concerns about a product or inventory item. However, as suppliers and manufacturers recognized the impact of excellent customer support on their ROI, a new era of support was introduced. 

With the current Amazon setup, seller support is not only limited to telephone-based support. Numerous platforms have been introduced for third-party merchants to reach out. Hence, decreasing the necessity of a direct Amazon seller support phone number

Social media, forums, review sites, and application-based platforms are readily available to help sellers with their queries and concerns. 

Understanding The Role of Amazon Seller Support 

Amazon is conscious of the significant contribution of sellers in providing a great shopping experience for consumers worldwide. The tech giant strives to provide Amazon sellers with a successful online platform, which led to the creation of Amazon Seller Support

The seller support team spearheads the creation of tools and programs that aim to enhance the Amazon seller experience. This organization comprises diverse members who engage sellers and assist them with their queries via Amazon Seller Central and other platforms. 

The seller support team mainly includes:

  • A tech team that develops seller self-help tools
  • Seller associates that help third-party merchants with their platform operations
  • Leaders who are responsible for the creation of systems and business processes to help daily merchant performance

How Can the Seller Support Team Assist You?

When it comes to platform technical issues, the seller support team is the best place to start. When contacting the seller support team, you should manage your expectations. 

The Amazon Seller Support Team can assist with technical issues. In particular, you may contact the seller support team if you need help with the following:

  • When you have a problem accessing your Amazon Seller Central account
  • When you need assistance with uploading inventory feeds
  • When you need answers to general Amazon Seller Central account questions

You must understand that numerous teams are working at Amazon, from warehousing to advertising. If the Amazon FBA seller support team is not the most appropriate team to handle your concern, they are more than happy to direct you to the correct department. 

Contacting the Amazon Seller Support Team 

To get in touch with Amazon’s Seller Support Team, the primary way is through your Seller Central account. Once logged into your Amazon Seller account, follow these simple steps to contact Amazon Seller support:

STEP 1: Once logged in to your Amazon account, click on the HELP menu in the page’s upper right corner.  Afterward, a drop-down menu will appear, click Get Help and Resources.


Image Adapted from Seller Central: A screenshot (cropped) of Seller Central Help Page; Retrieved: Feb 27, 2024, From


STEP 2:   After clicking the Get Help and Resources tab, you will be redirected to the Amazon Help page. Once redirected, you can select an issue you want to be resolved.  



Image Adapted from Seller Central: A screenshot (cropped) of Seller Central Help Page; Retrieved: Feb 27, 2024, From


Alternatively, if the Amazon issue is not included in the options provided above, you can also describe your concern by clicking the “My Issue is Not Listed,” a text box will appear where you can thoroughly describe your concern.



Image Adapted from Seller Central: A screenshot (cropped) of Seller Central Help Page; Retrieved: Feb 27, 2024, From


STEP 3: Once you select CONTINUE, you will be directed to a different page where you can choose the category that is most relevant to your Amazon issue to refine your concern further. 


Image Adapted from Seller Central: A screenshot (cropped) of Seller Central Help Page; Retrieved: Feb 27, 2024, From


STEP 4: Once you have chosen a relevant category concerning the issue at hand, a contact form will be generated. Simply scroll down on the same page. In the contact form, you can give your email or phone number so that Amazon Seller Support can contact you regarding your submitted Amazon issue. Another option is to utilize their chat, a relatively new contact method to reach seller support


Image Adapted from Seller Central: A screenshot (cropped) of Seller Central Help Page; Retrieved: Feb 27, 2024, From


After you have submitted your concern, a member of the seller support team will respond to your issue and provide the appropriate assistance you need.

What is the Amazon Seller Support Phone Number

The Amazon Seller Support phone number is a highly searched contact number online. However, there is no direct seller support phone number available. 

Sometimes, Amazon sellers mistakenly call 00 1 206-922-0880 (International) or 1-888-280-4331 (USA), which is actually a dedicated customer service number for Amazon shoppers. When asked about their direct Amazon Seller Support phone number, Amazon advises sellers to contact Seller Support via the online platform. 



Amazon Help provides an additional channel for both customers and sellers to engage with Amazon support. This service is accessible through various social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, facilitating convenient communication between users and Amazon’s support team.

However, in contrast to previous years when sellers would typically use a contact form to reach out to seller support via social media, Amazon now encourages sellers to directly access their Seller Central account and utilize the help center for assistance.


Image Adapted from Seller Central: A screenshot (cropped) of Seller Central Help Page; Retrieved: Feb 27, 2024, From


Best Practices When Communicating With the Seller Support Team

When submitting a Seller Central form, you should observe the following:

  • Be Clear

When communicating your concern or issue relating to your Amazon business, you should explain it clearly. Provide specific details of your concern to the seller support team

  • Be Precise

Be precise and yet concise when giving information about the issue you have encountered.

  • Be Direct

It is essential to be straightforward when explaining your concern. Avoid straying from the topic since including unnecessary or irrelevant details may cause your email to be redirected to other departments.

  • Be Logical

When sharing your thoughts via email, you should express them logically, coherently, and in short sentences. This will help any Amazon seller support associate to understand your concern easily. Thus, avoiding misinterpretation. 

  • Be Honest

Last but not least is honesty. You should be honest when sharing details of your concerns. No point lying to an associate, for it will only delay resolution or even worsen your current situation. 

Specific Guidelines for Contacting Selling Partner Support

In addition to adhering to the best practices for communicating with the Amazon seller support team, it is crucial to observe Amazon’s specific guidelines when engaging with seller support. This ensures Amazon can offer timely and accurate support for your business-related issues.

Review Case Log: Prior to contacting the Amazon seller support team, spend some time examining your case log in Seller Central.  Reviewing case logs helps you avoid opening unnecessary cases and allows you to check the status of existing ones. If your query is urgent, ensure to mark it as such to expedite the process.

One Case per Issue: For efficient resolution, it is recommended to open just one case per issue. This approach guarantees your concern is addressed promptly by the relevant seller support team and prevents the confusion or hold-ups that multiple issues in one case might cause.

Avoid Duplicate Cases: If you already have a case under review addressing a specific concern, refrain from opening another case for the same matter. Submitting duplicate cases can lead to redundant efforts; thus, prolonging the resolution process.

Adherence to Policies: Understand and adhere to Amazon’s policies when seeking seller support. Requests that conflict with these policies may be declined by Amazon to uphold the integrity of its platform. 

Request Case Extension: If you require additional time to respond to a follow-up email or case query, you can request an extension. It ensures that your concerns are addressed thoroughly without the risk of premature closure due to time constraints.

Use Amazon Seller Tools to Your Advantage 

Amazon seller problems often stem from insufficient planning and the lack of effective tools. To avoid or mitigate Amazon business problems, you should use reliable Amazon seller tools for your business’s success.

  • Listing Optimization Tool

Leveraging optimization tools for your listing is essential to achieve a higher ranking on the search result pages.  There are available services online that can help you with your keyword research, image & video presentation, and other things related to listing optimization. 

  • Repricing Tool

With the help of an automatic Amazon repricing software, you can increase your chances of winning the Amazon Buy Box. With a competitive edge when it comes to price wars, your sales performance will significantly improve.

  • Product Research Tool

Another important seller tool that Amazon sellers should consider is a product research tool. This tool will help you avoid ordering slow-moving inventory items. Thus, potentially avoiding unnecessary expenses in the form of warehouse storage fees. 

Obey Rules, Avoid Account Issues

As an established eCommerce platform, Amazon has its own set of rules and guidelines. Beyond employing tools for listing optimization and business enhancement, you should also take note of Amazon policies to avoid future complications.

Some of the issues encountered by sellers are often caused by non-compliance with these guidelines. To avoid wasting your time and effort resolving avoidable issues, ensure to familiarize yourself with the rules set by Amazon.

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