Seller Snap Introduces In-App Business Pricing and Quantity Discount Functions

Seller Snap is committed to providing a faster and more powerful experience for users. We are dedicated to delivering not just the best customer service, but also a premium user experience in terms of app performance.  

In view of such a goal, Seller Snap just launched Business Pricing and Quantity Discount within our software. We want to help our clientele become more efficient and effective with their Amazon businesses by providing uncomplicated and easy to use features and functions. 

What Is the Update All About?

In order to boost the functionality and software capability of Seller Snap, we are introducing Business Pricing and Quantity Discount functions. These new features are integrated into the Seller Snap platform.

The newly integrated Business Pricing feature will allow users to set up business price discounts through Seller Snap. This feature allows sellers to offer a discounted price for shoppers who are using Amazon’s business accounts while circumventing the complicated feed-file process. 

Within the Business Pricing function, sellers have access to the Quantity Discount feature. With this new feature, sellers can now set up to 5 tiers of quantity discounts. If an Amazon business account holder purchases the minimum number of units specified in the tier, customers will receive a discount per item based on the Business Price.   

Why Is the Update Being Introduced? 

In a published statistical data by Statista in 2018, it was revealed that the global number of Amazon Business Accounts has increased up to 400,000 from December 2015 to June 2016. 

Although Amazon is yet to disclose its current and updated number of business account holders worldwide, it can be surmised that figures must have increased over the past years. Thus, Amazon sellers should take advantage of this growing customer segment. 

In order to assist Seller Snap customers in maximizing their Amazon business, the Business Pricing function has been integrated into the application. With the help of the previously discussed features, Seller Snap clients are given the opportunity to further increase profitability, while improving and expanding customer engagement.

How to Take Advantage of the Software Update

Seller Snap is not only known in the market as a reliable Amazon repricer. We are also sought by Amazon sellers because of the convenient user-interface. 

In order to take advantage of the in-app integration, current Seller Snap customers simply need to enable the Business Pricing feature via 4 simple steps.    




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