Top Amazon Seller Activities Worth Imitating

Following the work-ethics and schedules of top Amazon sellers is among one of the most obvious ways to succeed with an Amazon business. As one of the active participants in the eCommerce industry, Seller Snap witnesses and even helps some Amazon sellers succeed with their Amazon store ventures.  

After analyzing the experiences of these Amazon sellers, we have discovered some similarities in their business approaches. To give new online sellers an edge among competitors, newbie sellers can try and imitate these daily, weekly, and monthly activities of the best Amazon sellers that we have outlined below.  

The Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Routines of Top Amazon Sellers 

Top Amazon Sellers Daily Activities 

Perform Daily Inventory Check

With the news of Amazon Prime Day 2020 happening sooner, it’s always advisable for sellers, new and experienced alike to check their inventory daily. Sellers must know their inventory levels to stay ahead of the game.

With daily checks on the availability of stock being implemented, sellers can secure sales and avoid unnecessary business interruption and customer disappointment. 

For sellers who want more sophisticated inventory management tools, RestockPro is an ideal Amazon seller tool to have in any online seller’s arsenal. This particular seller tool will help streamline operations and cut-down time investments involved in tracking inventory. 

Look Into Possible Amazon Suppressed Listings

Product listings are suppressed intentionally by Amazon mostly because of various quality issues or complaints previously raised by an Amazon customer. When a seller’s listing is suppressed by Amazon, customers will not be able to see such a listing in the search result. 

Another reason for suppression is because of lacking information such as department value, size value, or even color value. Similarly, a jewelry listing may also be suppressed simply because the seller did not include the material type specification. 

However, a suppressed listing can easily be fixed. The seller can simply supply the missing values or correct product details. 

To access Amazon suppressed listings, sellers should first log into their Amazon Seller Central account and (1) click the INVENTORY tab, then from the dropdown menu select MANAGE INVENTORY. From thereon, sellers may select the (2) SUPPRESSED tab from the horizontal menu to check suppressed items and begin editing. 

Check Your Buyer-Seller Messaging

If you are a new Amazon seller, you should make it a habit to always check messages from customers. Amazon Seller Central has provided a secure messaging service for third-party merchants to conveniently communicate with their buyers. 

Known as Amazon Buyer-Seller Messaging Service, this type of messaging system provides anonymity for both buyers and sellers. When an email arrives from either party, Amazon encrypts it with an alias like Through this, the identity of the sellers and buyers are both protected. 

It is important that if you are aiming to be a top Amazon seller in 2020, you should religiously check the buyer-seller messaging system in order to respond promptly to messages. If sellers delay their response, you could receive a late response mark on your metrics.

Ensure to send prompt responses if you wish to avoid having your Amazon seller account suspended. Moreover, for sellers aiming to win the Amazon Buy Box, replying to buyers’ messages should be a top priority on your daily task list. 

Read Customer Reviews & Reply

One of the factors that Amazon takes into consideration when ranking a product listing is customer reviews. High-level customer service is a must for Amazon.

One way of gauging the quality of service each Amazon seller provides is through Amazon feedback or reviews. In dealing with reviews, you should check on them daily and promptly reply to customer reviews or praises. 

Try to make each response personalized and engaging. Customers will not only appreciate prompt and customized responses, but the Amazon algorithm will also take this into consideration when awarding sellers with the Amazon Buy Box. 

Top Amazon sellers are aware that the more positive feedback received and more negative reviews resolved, the better the chances of winning the Amazon Buy Box. Hence, newbie sellers should take note of this daily activity for better ranking of product listing in organic search.    

For sellers not to be burdened with feedback monitoring and other related tasks, using an Amazon seller tool like this would be helpful. FeedbackWhiz is considered by top sellers as one of the reliable Amazon seller tools for reviews. 

Perform Search Operator Query

Some top sellers consider this activity as a powerful tool to increase an Amazon store’s reach. The activity provides a great opportunity for new sellers to collaborate with influencers in their chosen niche. 

Conducting a daily search operator query will give you more chances of finding the most appropriate blog site or influencer to help market your chosen Amazon niche products. The collaboration is actualized through various means, including backlink swapping for your Amazon product landing page or even a simple sponsored product review. 

For a better understanding of Search Operator Query, our friends from Ahrefs have provided an overview of the topic:



As a daily task for Amazon sellers, a seller should always make it a goal to be in contact with one or two collaborators a day. 

Do Not Stress Out With Repricing

To unload some of the burden, some sellers make use of automated Amazon repricers, like Seller Snap. 

Top Amazon sellers have long transitioned from manual repricing into automated repricing strategies to allow them to focus more on other important matters of their Amazon business, such as product optimization and other Amazon SEO practices. 

Similarly, with the help of an algorithmic repricer, chances of winning the Amazon Buy Box will also increase. Hence, AI repricers are favored by the best Amazon sellers worldwide. 

Top Amazon Sellers Weekly Activities 

Weekly Accounting Check

Top Amazon sellers employ several tips and tricks to simplify the accounting process of their Amazon business. Since this is very important and also taxing at the same time, it is best done weekly.

New Amazon sellers should never neglect the power of weekly accounting. Such an activity will help sellers, new and experienced alike, forecast potential revenue, track business expenses, and monitor business financial health and growth. 

Some of the best Amazon sellers succeded by simply watching crash course videos online and mastering the use of Amazon seller tools, such Amazon FBA Calculator and Fetcher, an online accounting software for Amazon sellers. 

Monitor Buy Box Eligibility

Top Amazon sellers aim not just to appear on organic product searches, the best Amazon sellers aim to appear in the Buy Box. Hence, Amazon Buy Box eligibility is important for every Amazon seller. 

As a pro tip, the Amazon Buy Box is the prime real estate that appears on the right portion of the product listing. 

The Amazon Buy Box provides customers with information including pricing information, Prime eligibility, shipping information, availability, and the “Add to Cart” and “Buy Now” buttons. 

Being Buy Box eligible means that the seller’s product listing is eligible to appear in the Buy Box. Winning the Amazon Buy Box is critical for every seller in order to increase the profitability of their Amazon business.

However, being Buy Box eligible does not automatically ensure a Bux Box win. There are some tips and tricks sellers should apply in order to improve Amazon Buy Box winning rate. 

Inspect Possible Technical Glitches

Similar to other businesses, Amazon still encounters system glitches from time to time. Amazon glitches may affect both sellers and consumers alike, which is why Amazon sellers should be cautious about it. 

Our team at Seller Snap and our growing community of Amazon sellers have reported some of the experienced and observed glitches throughout the first part of 2020, including an alleged Buy Box non-rotation. Such a concern has somehow led the Seller Snap community to question whether or not the company has tweaked its Amazon Algorithm.

Some of the other Amazon glitches observed over the past years which new sellers should be wary of include, Amazon Email Glitch, Amazon Food Delivery Glitch, Amazon Order Glitch. For new Amazon sellers wanting to improve their services, it would be best to incorporate this type of activity into their own weekly activities. 

Top Amazon Sellers Monthly Activities 

Final Monthly Accounting

Some of the practices of the best Amazon sellers extend to their monthly schedule. As previously discussed, accounting practices are important for any business, including an Amazon business.

Monthly Supply & Pending Order Check

For a better overview of the inventory situation of your Amazon store, it would be wise for sellers to follow a monthly inventory check. This will help sellers anticipate potential marketplace place peaks, including holidays and event sales such as Prime Day, summer, spring & Halloween sale events, and Black Friday deals. 

Similarly, a monthly check on orders will also be helpful to update on pending orders. By pending orders, it would not simply mean orders made by customers, but also orders that sellers have made from local and overseas suppliers. 

Monthly Clean-Up

Another monthly activity practiced by top Amazon sellers would be monthly clean-up. For new sellers, a monthly clean-up should include both physical and digital clean-up. 

Amazon sellers should practice tidying up their digital space for improved navigation. Remove unnecessary files and try to organize files according to purpose. By doing a monthly digital clean-up, sellers’ digital workspace will look more presentable, and retrieving files will be much easier. 

Besides a digital clean-up, top Amazon sellers also practice physical clean-up. This clean up includes cleaning up the workstation or table, inventory place, and other physical areas related to the Amazon business. 

Unsold Item Removal 

One of the reasons why monthly accounting matters is the overview it gives sellers with their current inventory status. Inventory accounting in a way lets Amazon sellers know which products are in-demand and which items are not saleable at all. 

When the sales of certain products cannot cover the storage cost and other Amazon fees, the best Amazon sellers tend to start the removal process rather than to incur unnecessary expenses. 

The removal process could be incorporated as one of the monthly activities that sellers should perform. As part of the removal process, sellers may either choose for Amazon to dispose of the non-saleable items or simply have Amazon deliver items to a specified address.

Turn It Into a Habit

Success is not created in one day, for it requires constant repetition of tested and proven actions. When it comes to your Amazon business, you should learn to do things right to avoid costly mistakes. Try to imitate and even innovate some of the aforementioned top Amazon seller activities and you will soon find success.

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