Top 10 Amazon Seller Podcasts to Boost Amazon Sales in 2021


Becoming a successful Amazon seller requires experience. If you want to somehow expedite the process without sacrificing the quality of the lessons learned, here are some Amazon sellers podcasts that offer valuable insights, lessons, and wisdom to Amazon sellers.

Learn From These Successful Amazon Podcasts 


1. The David Aladdin Show (formerly AmzSecrets Show) 

AmzSecrets considers itself as the fastest-growing Amazon private label podcast. With over 150,000 active listeners, AmzSecrets aims to push Amazon sellers to their limits to help them reach their Amazon goals. 

As one of the dynamic Amazon FBA podcasts, AmzSecrets expand their reach and cover for more entrepreneurial topics To do so, AmzSecrets changed the name of the Amazon sellers podcast. AmzSecrets Show is now called The David Aladdin Show.

This Amazon podcast offers the latest strategies, tips, and secrets to Amazon business success brought to you by successful entrepreneurs, professional sellers, and industry leaders. Rather than just focusing on topics for beginners, the Amazon seller podcast delves into “intellectual subjects” to give listeners deep knowledge into the respective expertise of their guests. 

Some of AmzSecrets’ most viewed Amazon FBA podcasts include “Amazon Greyhat Ranking Secret – Ranking with the Corporate Guys” and “How Eddie Makes 5M+ a year selling Wholesale on Amazon.”

Host: David Aladdin 

Amazon Podcast Website:

Key Topics: Amazon Business, Private Label


2. Private Label Podcast

For Amazon FBA sellers wanting to learn more about private label entrepreneurship, Private Label Podcast is another option available online. This Amazon seller podcast was created and is hosted by Kevin Rizer, a former corporate employee turned private label Amazon seller. 

One of the main goals of this Amazon podcast is to bring into light the success stories and secrets of sellers who started from the bottom and reached the top. Private Label Podcast invites both the established brand owner or newbie Amazon sellers to join them in creating an empire.  

Host: Kevin Rizer

Amazon Podcast Website: n/a

Key Topics: Private Label, Amazon Business


3. The Rock Your Brand Podcast  (formerly The Amazing Seller)

The Amazing Seller is indeed an amazing Amazon podcast created by Scott Voelker. However, the brand has evolved and so has its podcast name. After more than 16 million downloads over the past 5 years, Scott has decided to rebrand his podcast into, The Rock Your Brand Podcast. 

The main goal of the podcast is to provide Amazon sellers with help and advice concerning technical and business-related topics. Some of the topics being discussed on this particular Amazon FBA podcast include keyword tracking, Amazon listing optimization, inventory sourcing, and even Amazon repricers

The ultimate goal of Scott’s Amazon podcast is to help empower people to take action and change their lives through their “ultimate freedom business.” The podcast challenges the employee mentality to go beyond employment into creating a business. What makes The Rock Your Brand Podcast unique is that it caters to the needs of all Amazon sellers, and not just private label sellers in particular. 

Host: Scott Voelker

Amazon Podcast Website:

Key Topics: Amazon Business


4. Silent Sales Machine Radio

The Silent Sales Machine Radio is a unique podcast with numerous followers on multiple online platforms. This Amazon podcast boasts of its documented successful entrepreneurs.

The host of this podcast is also dubbed as the “all time best-selling author in the world on the topic of online business success.” Apart from Amazon FBA, the podcast also tackles topics including online marketing, self-publishing, and other online business opportunities. 

In its most recent episodes, Jim provides insight for Amazon sellers with his podcasts entitled “From cutting grass to a $million dollar month selling on Amazon” and ” Over $500K his first year selling on Amazon with great tips for all.”

Host: Jim Cockrum

Amazon Podcast Website:

Key Topics: Income Strategies, Amazon Business


5. My Wife Quit Her Job Podcast 

My Wife Quit Her Job Podcast is not just your ordinary podcast about business. This particular podcast focuses on small business entrepreneurs, including Amazon sellers. 

This Amazon podcast is not simply focused on success stories of businesspersons, but it also offers technical tips when it comes to the optimization of your listings, including Amazon listings. 

The main goal of the podcast is to educate listeners that there is more to life than work. In his own words, Steve Chou mentioned that “back then, my wife and I used to get up early in the morning, go to work, eat dinner, sleep and then wake up again the next day to repeat the cycle.” 

Some of the most recent titles discussed on the podcast include “Should You Hire An Agency To Run Your Amazon PPC Ads With Edward Ruffin” And Jeremy Crowe and “Spencer Haws On How To Automate Internal Link Building For SEO.”

Host: Steve Chou

Amazon Podcast Website:

Key Topics: Small Business Entrepreneurship, Amazon Business


6. AM/PM Podcast

The AMPM Podcast has moved on with its new host Tim Jordan. However, despite the new captain on board, this Amazon podcast continued the same platform and approach. Despite making a significant change on their podcast, AMPM Podcast continued to offer listeners fresh, relevant, and informative discussions. 

The podcast website offers fresh and regular uploads including “Taming the Volatile World of Entrepreneurship with the Magic of Relationships and Mentors, with Nick Cavuoto” and “Your Network is your Net Worth – This Amazon Seller and Pro Networker Explains How It Applies in Today’s World.”

Host: Tim Jordan

Amazon Podcast Website:

Key Topics: Entrepreneurship, Amazon FBA


7. Seller Sessions

As the name of the podcast would suggest, Seller Sessions are focused on educating sellers, especially Amazon sellers. As an Amazon FBA podcast, Seller Sessions covers both the Amazon FBA and the private label industry.

The podcast has declared itself as the “first dedicated marketing show for Amazon FBA and Private Label sellers.” Every week, Seller Sessions offers its followers new tips and tricks that are actionable and relatable for Amazon sellers to follow. 

Host: Danny McMillan

Amazon Podcast Website:

Key Topics: Amazon FBA, Private Labelling


8. Seller Round Table Amazon FBA Podcast

This particular Amazon FBA podcast focuses more on Amazon FBA training and coaching for Amazon sellers. Whether you are a new seller or an experienced one, you will surely get some nugget of wisdom from the various guests invited on the podcast.

Apart from the knowledge imparted by its guests, the hosts offer tested and proven tips and tricks when it comes to Amazon selling, marketing, and optimization. Seller Round Table Amazon FBA Podcasts are hosted by Amazon SEO and marketing experts. 

The main goal of the podcast is to help Amazon sellers and other entrepreneurs who are new to the online selling business. The input of the podcast guests and the host serves as a guide for sellers who want to make it big in the eCommerce industry. 

Host: Andy Arnott & Amy Wees

Amazon Podcast Website:

Key Topics: Amazon FBA, Amazon Seller Coaching


9.  The Full-Time FBA Show Podcast

If you had enough with Amazon coaching and the technicalities involved, you can tune into The Full-Time FBA Show Podcast. This particular Amazon podcast focuses more on encouraging Amazon FBA sellers to continue their hustle until achieving success.

The core approach of the platform is via interviews of successful full-time Amazon resellers. The guests on the podcast normally share their experiences during their start-up stage and the obstacles they had to overcome before becoming successful in the Amazon business. 

Some of their latest podcast includes “How to Respond to Coronavirus / COVID-19 as an Amazon FBA Seller” and “The Truth Behind Amazon’s Return Policy.”

Host: Stephen and Rebecca Smotherman

Amazon Podcast Website:

Key Topics: Amazon FBA, Amazon Seller Experiences


10.  eCommerceFuel


If you are engaged in various eCommerce stores, including Amazon stores, you will like eCommerceFuel. Apart from the Amazon FBA topic, this Amazon podcast also discusses other topics that relate to eCommerce in general. 

Topics concerning leadership, mentorship, and inspirations are covered by eCommerceFuel. They are not simply focused on the “how-to” aspect of the Amazon market, they also offer success stories to inspire online sellers worldwide. 

Some of their all-time greats include Learning to Lead: “Four Powerful Books That Have Shaped My Company & Culture” “The Insane Benefits of Selling True One-of-a-Kind Products,” and “Making Big Decisions in Your Life & Business”

Host: Andrew Youderian

Amazon Podcast Website:

Key Topics: Amazon FBA, eCommerce


Learn from The Experts 

Achieving success often means that you have to carry the load, especially with an Amazon business. Listening to Amazon sellers podcasts will give you a better overview of how to approach the industry. Everything that you learn can be applied to improve your Amazon store. These learnings can easily complement Amazon seller tools, such as repricers, keyword research tools, and Amazon PPC campaign tools. 

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