Writing Product Descriptions on Amazon That Sell

You have to conquer many competitors to succeed in the e-commerce community. With over 12 million products on customers’ disposition, you need to find a way to make your products pop. The solution lies in great Amazon product descriptions.

Putting some thought and effort into Amazon description writing can be a profitable investment. You can also consider taking soft skills courses to help you craft well-written and compelling product descriptions. If you are determined to increase that sales rate, you should apply the following tips when writing your Amazon product descriptions. 

Here below are some tips on how to write product descriptions on Amazon:


Go Into Details

According to a study, regardless of the type of product they are purchasing, consumers ranked “detailed Amazon product descriptions” as one of the top 3 factors that make the biggest influence on their purchase. Another study has shown that 98% of consumers have been dissuaded from purchasing because of the incomplete or incorrect product description.

Your Amazon description writing needs to give all the details if you want to make the sale. Withholding some important information (whether intentionally or accidentally) can make it seem like you’re hiding something through generic Amazon product descriptions.

Keep in mind that going into detail doesn’t mean that you should include irrelevant information. Only include the details that are relevant to the consumer.

To collect all information, you should do some research on the product. Look into what other sellers have to say about ensuring that you aren’t skipping anything important.

Use Style and Tone that Matches the Target Audience

The style and tone you use when writing will determine whether the consumer will make a connection with that product or not. Using the writing style and tone of voice that corresponds to your target audience will make them feel like you understand their needs.

If you wonder how you can come up with an effective writing style, you should look into reviews of similar products. The kind of shoppers that purchased someone else’s product in the same category are the shoppers that will purchase yours.

You can also mix the language that your audience uses with your brand’s personality. Consider their wording and writing style but make sure that it aligns with your brand’s image. 

Write about the Benefits

Show the value your product has by expressing the benefits that come from using it. Writing solely about features won’t make people crazy about that product. If you want to convince them that your product is exactly what they need, you have to give them a reason why.

Paint the picture of how it will be when they start using the product. For example, when describing an ergonomic pillow, you can share that “You will fall asleep faster and deeper,” “Helps with restoring the natural curve of the neck,” etc.

Let the consumers imagine how their life will be better if they have that product in their possession. Evoking such emotion is what will help you increase your sales rate. 

In case you aren’t the best at describing benefits in a simple yet compelling manner, you can always hire an expert writer. Finding experienced writers won’t have to be a drag if you turn to writing services such as TrustMyPaper and BestEssaysEducation for help. You can work as a writer until you get a hang of it and learn how to express the product’s benefits in an authentic and attention-grabbing way. 

Embed Keywords Naturally

You are probably already aware that keywords are essential for making your product descriptions SEO-friendly. The question is: are you being mindful of how you use the keywords?

The keywords can bring consumers to your product description but if you don’t embed them naturally they will hurt your possibility to make a sale. Never sacrifice the description’s quality for the sake of keywords. 

Single out several relevant keywords (including long-tail keywords) before you start writing. In that way, you won’t have to stuff keywords randomly in your finished description but you’ll add them naturally as you write. 

Forget about Copy and Paste

As tempting as plagiarism can be, you should stay away from it. The way it usually starts is “I’ll just copy this one sentence” then the justification “I would write this in the same way.” But would you? Would you really?

The fact is that there is always a way to make your product description original. Consequently, there is no excuse for plagiarism. 

Think about it like this: If a consumer comes across the exact same description somewhere else, why would they purchase your product? The authenticity of the product description and writing in your own style is what will convince the consumers that they should purchase the product from you. 

Segment the Content

Coming across an essay-like product description is a big turn-off for potential customers. If the description looks like too much work, most consumers won’t want to engage in that commitment.

No matter the amount of information you have to showcase, if you segment it properly it won’t look overwhelming. Break the text into subheadings and use bullet points and numbering to make it presentable. 

The ultimate goal is to help users find relevant information after skimming the content. One simple look should be enough for them to spot what they are looking for and find value in your product description. 

Edit to Perfection

Before the description goes public you should give it a second look. Step aside from the description, even if it’s just for 15 minutes. Detaching your mind from what you have just written can help you spot inconsistencies and poorly written sentences.

You can use digital tools or an Amazon product description editor to have good results. Digital tools such as Readable that can show you your content’s readability score. Checking the readability will tell you if you have aced that description or if it needs more work to be comprehensive. 

For a quick edit, you can use online tools like Hemingway Editor. It can easily serve as your Amazon product description editor. With an Amazon product description editor, you can be assured that your output will be better. 

It will point out grammar and spelling errors as well as point out lengthy sentences. However, if you want a second pair of eyes to assess your writing you might want to team up with writing services like TopEssayWriting that can connect you with a professional editor. 

Final Thoughts

Being considerate of your customers’ needs and putting the description’s quality in the first place is what will make your products tempting. Customers can recognize the effort you have put into crafting a well-written and compelling product description. Therefore, put these tips to use and see how simple changes and additions can transform your product description into a sales magnet when you fully understand how to write product descriptions on Amazon. 


About the Author:

Bridgette Hernandez is a freelance writer and editor. She found her purpose in writing as it gives her an opportunity to exchange ideas and share her knowledge with others. Currently, she is working as a contributor writer at ClassyEssay and SupremeDissertations. In addition, she does some editing for GrabMyEssay and Subjecto writing services. 

Bridgette likes to expand her fields of expertise by attending international conferences and taking courses on different subjects. In her free time, she volunteers at a local animal rescue.

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