60% Off Referral Fees With Seller Fulfilled Prime​

Did you hear about Amazon’s Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) Fee Discount? Whether you are using SFP to fulfill all of your orders or just a few, you should know about this Amazon discount.

How To Get Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime Discount Referral Fees?

Amazon is offering 60% off referral fees (for eligible ASINs) to verified sellers who fulfill their orders via Seller Fulfilled Prime. The offer is valid through February 28th, 2019.

  • First Step: Add promotion-eligible ASINs to Seller Fulfilled Prime
  • Second Step: Receive discount that is automatically applied to qualified sale
  • Third Step: Watch the savings roll in!

Do You Qualify for the Seller Fulfilled Prime Discount?

Use your Manage Inventory page on Seller Central to see which products are eligible for the discount.You can check each product’s eligibility by using your filters tool. Make sure you are filtering products that have an Active Status and Fulfilled by Merchant. The discount will be shown in the Fee Preview section for the item if it qualifies. If the item qualifies, the discount will automatically be applied and long as the order is in your Prime region.

*Be aware that the discount does not apply to merchants using the Seller Fulfilled Prime Trial.

Not Using Seller Fulfilled Prime?

You are missing out on over 100 million users who subscribe to Amazon world wide. Along with free TV, movie, and music streaming, these customers receive same-day, one-day, and two-day shipping. The shipping options are a huge incentive for customers to shop on Amazon.com.

Once you get the Seller Fulfilled Prime option added to your Amazon Seller Account, be sure to get in touch with SellerSnap.io to set up your 15-day free repricing trial. Ask about the new SFP repricing function on the AI Repricing Tool today!

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