How To Become An Amazon Seller in Q4 2022 | Maximizing Profit During the Holiday Season

With the holiday season of 2022 fast approaching, it is generally expected that consumer demands will likely increase and If you wish to profit from the anticipated massive spending of consumers in Q4, selling on Amazon can help achieve this.

Yes, there is a lot of competition on Amazon, however, according to statistical data, only 30% of those who create an Amazon Seller Central account actually proceed with the selling of products. Hence, more room for those who are truly dedicated to online selling. 

To help you begin your Amazon journey and become Amazon seller, below is an overview of how to become a thriving Amazon seller for the upcoming holiday rush.  

Simple Tips to Start Selling on Amazon This Holiday Season

1. Pre-Registration Phase

This part is the initial answer to the question how do you become an amazon seller?
Included in the discussion the things Amazon sellers should be preparing before fully engaging in the Amazon industry. To help you become a successful Amazon seller, below are some of the things you should do before registering for Amazon Seller Central.    

Evaluate Your Potential Product Selling Strategy

Before you become an Amazon seller, you should first undergo an Amazon Seller Central registration, be sure to identify your product selling strategy. In the context of Amazon Seller Central, product selling strategy refers to becoming either “Brand Owners” or “Resellers,” but still both signifying that you have become an Amazon seller

When sellers choose to become Amazon seller or brand owners, it simply means that sellers manufacture their own inventory items. Alternatively, sellers may also outsource products to sell under a private label.       

On the other hand, becoming an Amazon reseller entails looking for products that already exist and listing them on the Amazon marketplace. This detail should be included on your research on how to become a seller on Amazon. However, such products will retain the branding of the original manufacturers. 

Assess Your Possible Fulfillment Strategy

After choosing the product selling strategy, sellers should now evaluate their potential fulfillment strategy. For new sellers, Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM) are popular options to choose from. 

Amazon FBA simply means that Amazon will be the one responsible for the picking, packing, and shipping of the items you list in your Amazon Store. On the contrary, the FBM program allows sellers more freedom when it comes to handling the storage, packaging, and shipping of their items. 

Create a Business Plan & Find a Niche

To ensure that you are on the right track on how to become an Amazon seller, you should learn to identify your forte. The success of any business, whether it is on Amazon or not, a business plan is essential. For sellers thinking of diving deeper into the Amazon industry, a robust business plan should be created. 

To help you clarify your intention and answer your question on how do you become an Amazon seller, you should have a method. A business plan should include but is not limited to a mission, market analysis, products and services, marketing and sales, and financial plans. For that matter, thorough research is crucial, especially when deciding on which online selling niche to follow. 

Understanding the right niche to fit your skills, interests, finances, location, and target audience will make or break your Amazon business. This should have already been understood upon researching for ideas on how to become an Amazon seller. That is why online sellers should be acquainted with the market and consumer trends while studying its emotional impact, practical value, online visibility, and global recognition. 

2. Registration Phase

Set up Your Amazon Seller Central Account

Setting up a Seller Central account may be a daunting task for new online sellers. To avoid delays and corrections, it is advised  to prepare the following ahead of time:

  • Email Address
  • Business Information
  • Internationally Chargeable Credit Card
  • Contact Number
  • Tax ID
  • State Tax ID

For step-by-step instructions on how to set up your Amazon Seller Central account, you may check on the video below:


3. Post-Registration Phase

This part here will be discussing the things Amazon sellers should immediately do after setting up their account. The following suggestions are geared towards increasing the profitability of your Amazon Store. 

Create Accurate Product Listings

To begin your online selling business with Amazon, you should create a product listing first. The main elements of an Amazon product listing include Title, Bullet points, Product description, Backend keywords, and Photography.

When listing a product on your Amazon Store, utilize high-quality images, and follow other guidelines relating to image use. Be sure to optimize your product listing to avoid conflict with the Amazon A9 algorithm and the standard for Amazon SEO. 

Similar to other online platforms, Amazon has its own guidelines when listing a product. For a detailed product listing guide, CLICK HERE.

Regular Inventory Checks

After listing products in your Amazon store, make sure to check your inventory. You should manage your inventory properly to avoid customer frustration with listed items that are out of stock. Inventory management is crucial for a successful business, which is why it should also be included in your research on how to become a seller on Amazon. 

Ensure that you update your inventory status daily, weekly, and monthly. Top Amazon sellers make use of sophisticated inventory management tools, you might want to check it out for better sales performance. 

Invest in an Amazon Repricer

If you are aiming to increase your Buy Box winning rate, you should check top repricers on the market. For convenience and practicality, automatic repricers are highly suggested by top Amazon sellers. 

Seller Snap is one of the most convenient options on the market. As well it’s AI algorithmic repricer, that is driven by Game Theory principles to apply a cooperative strategy to secure Buy Box share and maximize profit, they also offer other more customizable repricing strategies. These features are designed to provide a dynamic pricing strategy for sellers. 

Consider Amazon Ads

Advertising is one of the keys to success when selling on Amazon. Advertising tools and services are crucial on a website with high-volume products listed. 

Amazon offers Amazon Ads to help sellers obtain a competitive edge in the marketplace. Amazon Ads can help sellers expand their brand and increase their business’s profitability. Some of the popular options for Amazon ads include Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands. 

  • Sponsored Products: This Amazon advertising campaign aims to increase sales and attract traffic to your product pages. Using this advertising tool can help you promote specific products by making them appear on shopping results and relevant product pages. 
  • Sponsored Brands: If you are a seller or vendor registered in Amazon Brand Registry, you can take advantage of Sponsored Brands. It will allow you to create ads showcasing multiple products along with your brand logo and custom headline. Sponsored Brands aims to boost brand awareness and increase your sales across the entire catalog. 

Maximize Product Videos 

Apart from Amazon Ads, you can also improve your sales in Q4 of 2022 by incorporating product videos on your listings. Product videos influence consumers to stay longer on a website. It is estimated that around 44% of consumers purchase on a website with product videos

To maximize your sales performance during peak season, you should start uploading high-quality videos for your Amazon listings. When creating a product video for your listings, you can follow these tips suggested by Amazon:

  1. Your product video must be descriptive, demonstrative, and product-focused. 
  2. Your product video must be short and concise. Avoid using unnecessary content and lengthy introductions.
  3. Your product video must be of high quality, which means it should have clear audio, good product visibility, and proper lighting. 
  4. Your product video must be believable, truthful, and accurate. Offer substantiated claims about the product, if possible.

Find More Products That Sell

Take advantage of the holiday season and add more products to your inventory to maximize sales. However, you should be careful when adding products to your listings. Ensure that you only add items that will likely be profitable when listed on the Amazon marketplace.  

Performing product research can help you choose trending items or likely to trend in the Q4 of 2022. With the help of a product research tool, you can quickly identify items with the potential for a higher sales conversion. 

Get in Touch With Influencers

Apart from customer feedback or reviews, shoppers also trust the recommendations of influencers. Hence, you should get in touch with influencers to promote your product.

An influencer can be a group or individual with a dedicated online following or viewed as an expert for a particular niche. Since these influencers already have established followers on various platforms, you can ask them to recommend your products to their followers.  

What makes influencers effective is their ability to reach numerous people, even those who are not frequent Amazon shoppers. They can simply post the link to your listing page in their content’s description section. 

Alternatively, you can also get in touch with influencers affiliated with Amazon through the Amazon Influencer Program. These influencers have their own Amazon storefront through which they can endorse multiple products sold on Amazon.

Follow up Customer Reviews

Whether you are selling on Amazon, eBay, or Walmart, customer reviews play a crucial role. If you want to have a lasting Amazon business, focusing on customer feedback is crucial.

A customer review is one of the key elements of a successful business and it helps distinguish your Amazon store from other online stores. Reviews help build the credibility of your Amazon store. 

Apart from serving as a testimony for your service and Amazon products, reviews are among the metrics being measured by Amazon’s algorithm when it comes to awarding the Amazon Buy Box. For sellers to increase their chances of winning the Buy Box, it is necessary to aim for high-level customer service all the time. 

Go With The Pro

If your goal is to profit during Q4 2022, venturing into the eCommerce industry could potentially be the right move for you. Since Amazon is already a tested and proven platform for online selling, adjustments can easily be made, especially with the help of the tips outlined above. Furthermore, becoming an Amazon seller in 2022 also means access to Amazon’s large customer base.

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